Thursday, February 28, 2013


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It's official. The heat is definitely on!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Another stressful day at work has passed.

During one random thoughts exchange, the topic of animated movies was brought up (I did). Hayao Miyazaki was the star.

My mind flew. I wished my tired body did the same too.

I just want to hang out at the bakery where Kiki works part-time,

or simply catch a glimpse of Howl's moving castle.
I wanna take a long Neko Bus ride,
or even longer train ride with a Kaonashi.
I just want a big Totoro hug.
I'm tired.

It is in times like this I wish that I can turn back time and go back to being just a kid.

No cares, no worries. Just being a kid.
Will go back to my regular posts (looks and all) soon. A lot of things has been going on in my life right now. Allow me a day or two (or maybe more) to gather my thoughts and hopefully get my life back right on track. I hope you stay with me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


…the Lolita way!

A blog is like a well-acted soap opera. People get affected by what they see and read regardless of its content, positive or negative.

At this very moment, I choose to spread positivity instead of expressing what is really inside me. There has been a death in the family. But instead of crying and pouring my heart out to anyone who even cares to read my blog, I'd rather not.

Let there be one sad person. Let it be me.

One thing that I've learned over the years running a company is to NEVER let your personal life interfere with work. Carry on, as I always say to myself.

While I was browsing the Lolita fan page (one of the brands PMP is handling), I was reminded of the reason why the page was created and also why I blog. It is to spread happiness. Create smiles.

Monday, February 25, 2013


So I just got home after a last-minute decision to stay one more night at the hotel where I and my team were staying for the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. One of the brands we're handling participated and we (the rest of my team for the most part) were up to our toes since day 1. The decision to stay one more night was to somehow let our bodies recuperate from all the work since the event extended until Sunday and I tell you, the past 4 days were very exhausting. Rewarding yes (we broke the brand's sales record last year! woohoo!) but still, exhausting.

So it's Monday again and thinking about the activities that are lined up for the company this week, wait… my brain just sighed. Not that I'm complaining 'coz you got to do what you got to do right? But turning a year older the other day I can't help but feel, well, old (and tired).

This week, my team and I are going back to Pampanga for a sales conference were our other brand is participating in. Here are some clues on what's gonna happen:

A treasure chest! But instead of gold coins, you will find...

silver coins! (some body's celebrating its 25th year in the distribution industry)

And where there are treasure chests, expect Captain Jack Sparrow and pirates-a-plenty.

Of course there's a twist (always). Everything (activities and all) must be done "In Time." Can't say more.

It's gonna be a good and tiring week ahead again but it's alright, I'd rather go weary and happy than just be weary and just that.

Now excuse me as I spend my weary Monday night watching these treasures (more precious metals!) be given away. Good night.
photo from HERE

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today was the last day of the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

The last day of the weekend of everything that flies…
…including fishes!

A day of angry birds and happy children,

of scary (but fun!) clowns,

and of new (and not so new) found friends!
Michael and Marie
Melissa and Patrick
Jonathan and Francisco
Daryll and Kim
Today was full of smiling faces

(one that includes mine!),

and of moments best captured with a camera.

Spent the day with the winners of the #SunkistAngryBirds 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Sunday getaway. Arriving past noon at Clark Freeport Zone, we missed seeing THE balloons —the "real" ones. But I and the youngsters (manong driver aside) still had fun. Err… right kids?
umaanggulo pa si manong bert oh.
Capped off the day with a post-birthday dinner treat at one of my favorite food places in Pampanga. Angeles Fried Chicken! See the happy faces above? You should've seen us after we ate.

Yes, today was a happy day.
Dani and Mikyle were supposed to go with us today but Dani needed to go to the doctor and I'm sure you already know that wherever Dani goes, Mikyle goes. They're that inseparable. I missed you lovebirds.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


In last year's Philippine Pyromusical Competition, Canada reigned supreme while Australia and Finland took the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

This year, which country is it gonna be as eleven of the world's most renowned pyrotechnic artists will again dazzle Manila with a spectacular and never-before-seen fireworks exhibition when the 4th Philippine Pyromusical Competition takes place at the SM Mall of Asia starting this February 16, 2013?

Japan and Finland (February 16)

Taiwan and France (February 23)

United Kingdom and South Korea (March 2)

Italy and The Netherlands (March 9)

China and Australia (March 16)

And Canada (March 23)

Also happening on the last day, March 23, Philippines as the host country will also showcase a phenomenal Pyromusical performance to be executed by Platinum Fireworks, Inc.

Witness the brightest show on Earth showcasing a breathtaking display of colors harmonized with electrifying music, happening at the only bayside mall in the country, SM Mall of Asia!

For ticket inquiries, call SM Tickets (02 470 2222), Ticket Net (02 911 5555) and Ticket World (02 891 9999) or check out

Friday, February 22, 2013


My life practically runs on numbers.

1 day to go before I turn 29.
2 days to go before my Hot Air Balloon Fiesta bonding with Dani, Mikyle and 8 of our readers.
And also, 2 days to go before the 100 pairs reservation limit of the adidas ENERGY BOOST is up.
That makes it 5 days to go before you get your reserved pair on the 27th of February at adidas Bonifacio Global City.

More numbers!

There will only be 200 pairs of the adidas ENERGY BOOST available in the Philippines this season and it retails at Php7,995 and will be available for pre-order at
"As a revolutionary material, BOOST combines the usually conflicting performance benefits of soft and comfortable with firm and responsive cushioning. It almost makes the shoe come to life, and you will feel it from the first moment you put it on. It sets a new standard, not only for running shoes, but for the entire industry, and all products going forward," said Bernd Wahler, Head of Innovation for adidas.
The ENERGY BOOST by adidas is the new running shoe with revolutionary cushioning technology that provides the highest energy return in the industry. Why ENERGY BOOST? Because it does boost a lot of things in your running experience!
Additional features include a special mid-foot support frame, an extended TORSION® system to minimise roll for more stability, adiwear outsole to reduce wear in key soles areas and an external heel counter to maximise the heel fit and comfort. The adidas ENERGY BOOST is miCoach compatible.
Boost your cushioning
The foundation of the ENERGY BOOST innovation is centred on proprietary cushioning material, BOOST, that allows the runner to feel a continuous energy return. The revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules in the soles to store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride.

Boost your conditions
Holding its performance in almost any condition the exclusive BOOST material has been proven to be three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA mterial, thus providing a more consistent and comfortable run.

Boost your comfort
The adidas ENERGY BOOST innovation goes beyond the revolutionary midsole technology. The upper on the ENERGY BOOST features adidas Techfit technology, which provides optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.

Now why does this news matter to me? Because I just decided to take exercise a little more seriously. I'm not getting any younger you know.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is gonna be the first time I'm gonna rant about something may be irrelevant to you but not to me.

So how did the title came to be?

My day started really well actually. I woke up very early for a 9:00 am work-related thing where my skill (whatever's left of it) on video recording was put to good use with surprisingly satisfactory result. Jumped to my 11:00 am where I met with a good friend/brand person to talk about a big blog project. Went back to the office to do my usual round of commands #likeaboss which were received with child-like enthusiasm. I also managed to do my SM Accessories February pull-out at SM North as well. And just when I thought that my already productive day can't get any better, my secretary texted me that a package from Hong Kong just arrived.

This package.

Excited would be an understatement if you ask me how I felt upon knowing that the package that I've been eagerly waiting for days arrived a day earlier as expected. I even went back to the office to pick it up even though it was out of the way home. Hindi ko na pinagpabukas pa.

I even managed not to open the whole thing while I was at the car and waited until I get home to do it the right way. With proper photo documentation of course.

But wait, what's that dent on my tube?

Hong Kong Speed Post did this to my Superman John Woo portrait!
wtf right?
left part
right part
For the record, the shipping fee costs $60. That's roughly around Php2,500. I might be overreacting to some piece of parcel with some doodle of my favorite superhero... but it's my superhero. And art is art! Never mind that the shipping fee costs as much as the actual artwork itself but I expect the same utmost care you'd give to any piece of junk, regardless of its worth, that is handed your way in full confidence that it will reach point A to point B unscathed with that amount.

But instead I got this.

Isolated case? Who knows?
I knew that dent was trouble when I first saw it.
I'm not expecting to get anything out of this knowing that there is only one of this portrait in existence meaning: it can't be replicated. I just want Hong Kong Speed Post to know that my day ended NOT the way I expected it to be. Thanks to them.

And that's why I don't believe in happy endings and all that shit.

Now the challenge is to find a very good frameshop in the city. Here's hoping that they can do something about the hideousness that you just saw.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey guys! Let's bond this Sunday at the 18th Hot Air Balloon Event! Not from Pampanga? Don't worry, Sunkist is gonna bring us there! Here's how:

After tweeting "I want to go the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with @PaulThePRGuy #SunkistAngryBirds (insert link of this giveaway HERE)"

Comment on this post your FULL NAME and your Twitter ID.

Will draw 2 winners! Each winning 2 tickets!
Announcement of winners will be on the evening of Friday, February 22, 2013.

For more info about this event, see poster below:
And the winners are…
@mariebiskwet and

Congrats guys! Wait for my DM on twitter!
Winners drawn via

Standby for the winners of Dani and Mikyle!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Incase has tapped popular street artist, Shepard Fairey, for an exclusive capsule collection that showcases Fairey's flare for creating eye-catching images.

As one of the world's preeminent street artists, Fairey also acts as a cultural provocateur, social critic, and artist, creating bold illustrations that become some of the most enduring cultural memes in modern times.

Having risen to fame because of his "Obey" campaign, Fairey was able to gain social significance, aside from being lauded for his unique and in-your-face style.

One of his most iconic works is the Barack Obama campaign posters.

Fairey has also put up his own clothing line, also called Obey, which has been received by the public, making him a perfect fit for Incase.

Original Incase backpacks that allow you to tote around your laptop without having to worry about damages or scratches are now available in Fairey's unique designs. Owning one is truly a delight given this capsule collection will only be available for a limited time, which is why fans of Fairey's unique style should not let this opportunity pass.

Complementing Fairey's original designs are the brand's signature device protection, intuitive organization, and natural cotton canvas construction, which have all contributed into making each Incase product a must-have for people who are always on the move.

Fairey shares, "The artworks that comprise my series for Incase all overtly or sublimely reflect the concept of Peace. Peace seems like a simple idea, but evidence of its fragility is far too visible. I believe peace, beauty, and harmony are not only related, but intertwined. Visual symbols of peace manifest similarly in many different cultures, transcending language and reminding us of the basic loves and needs we all have in common. Peace is a struggle, but whether the images are ornamental, hopeful, or cautionary, this series promotes harmony."

Given its mission to provide a better experience for its clients through good design, Incase has consistently come out with exciting new products that perfectly showcase the brand's highly-innovative designs. Aside from being a practical mean to protect one's gadgets, Incase products also help make life simpler for everyone given its knack for intuitive functionality for a fully integrated mobile experience.

Check out the Incase x Shepard Fairey collection at Bratpack branches in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Robinson's Ermita, One Archer's Place, Robinsons Magnolia and Shangri-La Mall.