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(On why I think PR, both traditional and digital, should work hand in hand)

Take this case for example: I chanced upon this article about Bee Choo Origin® as I was browsing last week's paper.
Philstar 01/29/2013
It reminded me of my long overdue post about the brand and the hair treatment that I had when I first visited Tayor Tyler in Paranaque late last year. You see, print reminded me to post this feature online. Hand in hand? I rest my case.

To sum up my Bee Choo experience, I had my hair and scalp detoxified.

The procedure started by massaging the head with the Bee Choo Origin Ginger Oil. This is to open up the pores and preps the scalp for the actual Bee Choo Hair Treatment.

Then the Hair Spa Treatment was applied and was left on for less (but not more) than an hour. Time depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Just by the earthy smell of it, you would know it's 100% natural. I like it, actually.

I also enjoyed the minty shampoo and conditioner tandem that came right after the treatment. Who would have thought that this taken-for-granted part of the salon/hair spa process can be enjoyable as well?

As a finishing touch, Taylor Tyler gave me a hair trim as well as after the whole process and here I am...
with my team. hehe
…with my hair all shiny and somehow more alive.
Thanks Jill and the rest of the people behind Taylor Tyler/Bee Choo Origin®!
About Bee Choo Origin®
In one of her trips to Hong Kong, Bee Choo, who has a friend with hair-loss problem, chanced upon this 100% chemical-free Chinese herbal hair treatment. Upon her return, she realized thaat this could help her friend. She went back to Hong Kong and convinced the Shifu to teach her and bring the formula back to Singapore to help her friends.

Infused with natural ingredients from across Asia, Taylor Tyler's Bee Choo Origin® Hair Treatment products range from 100% natural and chemical-free hair loss solutions to volumizing treatments, proven safe and effective even for pregnant women.

(See the rest of the products after the cut)

Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment is available at Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon at the 2nd floor of Pergola Mall, BF Homes Paranaque and Unit 216 South Parking Arcade Building, SM Mall of Asia.

For more information about the product, visit

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  1. Aside from SM Mall of Asia where can we purchase Origin? Is it available at other department stores? Thanks!
    ~Pauline @Kallony