Sunday, February 3, 2013


The first five photos that you're about to see were taken (yesterday) aboard the ship sailing for Mindoro so technically, this is not the actual greeting from Puerto Galera. I just went trigger happy with my camera along the way.
I think I love sunsets already.
Look at what the sunset did to a nearby resort (Batangas?).

Eerie but beautiful.

And speaking of eerie (the creepy kind this time)... Let's take a closer look.

This is my third time to travel to Puerto Galera but I only took notice of this for the first time. Is this a convent of some sort? --sorry, tinamad ako magresearch.

And finally, hello from Puerto Galera!

Woke up today to a gloomy morning --my preferred weather on the beach. But as the day progresses, it's back to sunny Philippines again! We're off to do some island hopping and snorkeling in awhile. Catch up again later ok?

Happy Sunday by the way! Don't forget to thank God for every blessing that came your way the past week.


  1. Niiice! Panalo yun eerie monastery (monastery! lol).. Sama mo naman kami jan!

  2. Halaaa!!! Eerie nga nung parang convent, OMG :-O Haha and super ganda naman ng sunset shots mo lately. Sarap titigan, na-relax ako ng konti from thesis bigla. Hahahaha! :D Enjoy Paul!