Friday, February 1, 2013


It Ain't Summer Yet.

Sounds like a title of a country song eh? Influence of watching too much American Idol lately. I think Mr. Nicole Kidman and his music genre is getting to me. It's either that or the fact that many idol wannabes are turning to country music for their audition piece. I've been hearing a lot of it lately. Not that I'm complaining...
My only qualm is that it should feel like summer already, yes? How come I still turn to my jackets and cardigans for my early morning meetings?

Now in details,
Uniqlo jacket
7 For All Mankind button-downs
Armand Basi watch
SM Accessories belt
Adding more warmth to the whole look is this pair of Shulong sneakers —summer na summer ang kulay no?
Zara corduroy pants
Shulong sneakers
Now scratch the whole "It Ain't Summer Yet" thought already. I felt the heat today. And it's getting warmer by the day. Which means… it's off to the beach for me tomorrow!

Come back to read again soon alright?


  1. I'll miss the cool weather when it's gone :( Haha it was nice to be in layers even just for a little over a month. Ah, tropical Philippines.

    And I agree! A lot of them are going country for the audition.

    x Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. Hi, Paul. Did you mean Mr. Keith Urban? I'm puzzled who Mr Nicole Kidman is. Actually, country music is a very popular genre in the United States. Something that Filipinos are really not fond of listening to. I've been a follower of American Idol since Fantasia's time. The winner after her is a country singer and the highest selling American Idol winner/contestant of all time--Carrie Underwood. People from the south--Alabama, Louisiana, Mississipi, Texas, et al are more inclined to be suckers for country music. I don't think the people who audition are singing country songs just to get the votes of the judges. Because for someone to sing country, he/she has to have that particular voice texture. To be able to yoddle is also unique to country singers. For Americans, you have to be known to be a singer of a specific genre and country music is easy for them to relate to because it talks about life, tells a story, etc.... Try listening to Lady Antebellum, Billy Gilman, and Rascall Flatts. I'm sure you will like them. Btw, nice style. I like this look. -Fritz

    1. Hey Fritz! yes, I'm referring to Keith Urban —the husband of Nicole Kidman. Thank you for thoughts but don't get me wrong ok? I like country music as well and I think Lady Antebellum and Carrie (Jesus Take The Wheel is just WOW) are fine but I'm just not too crazy about it. Thanks for liking the look!:)