Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This month, aside from Valentine's day, the other occasion that I'm quite eager to celebrate is my birthday.

Ok, make that THE only occasion that I'm eager to celebrate. Valentine's Day? You can always celebrate that anytime of the year with your loved ones. Not defensive.
My birth date also makes me a Pisces. But I think I already told you that I'm not really a beach person nor crazy about the summer season and that the only good thing about it is the fashion. Have you seen my childhood photos in THIS post by the way?

On a recent family trip to Puerto Galera, my brother pointed out the irony of my predicament by asking "wait, di ba Pisces ka?" And suddenly it dawned on me that my disdain for big bodies of water was actually the opposite of my attraction for it. You ever believed the line that goes the more you hate, the more you love? Case in point.

The following day, after my brother's "intervention", we went back to Batangas (then drove home) on board the most nauseating piece of sea junk that I've ever rode of recent. To add to the puke-inducing-factor of the trip, the sea was extra crazy. Surprisingly, I was comfortable the whole trip knowing that the ship has Neptune on its name and that I have the second book of the Heroes of Olympus series (Son of Neptune) with me the whole time.
Lyle & Scott shirt
Basic House navy chinos
Wade shoes
Another thing, blue looks good on me no? Okay, enough self-ass-kissing.

In details,
Basic House shirt
SM Accessories belt
SM Accessories bag
Wade loafers
Bonus photo: The look that didn't make it on


  1. I remembered your blog about you being afraid of water.. The photos- HAHAHA. Though seriously, the water should keep you calm, not the other way around. Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day and advance Happy Birthday!

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