Monday, February 25, 2013


So I just got home after a last-minute decision to stay one more night at the hotel where I and my team were staying for the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. One of the brands we're handling participated and we (the rest of my team for the most part) were up to our toes since day 1. The decision to stay one more night was to somehow let our bodies recuperate from all the work since the event extended until Sunday and I tell you, the past 4 days were very exhausting. Rewarding yes (we broke the brand's sales record last year! woohoo!) but still, exhausting.

So it's Monday again and thinking about the activities that are lined up for the company this week, wait… my brain just sighed. Not that I'm complaining 'coz you got to do what you got to do right? But turning a year older the other day I can't help but feel, well, old (and tired).

This week, my team and I are going back to Pampanga for a sales conference were our other brand is participating in. Here are some clues on what's gonna happen:

A treasure chest! But instead of gold coins, you will find...

silver coins! (some body's celebrating its 25th year in the distribution industry)

And where there are treasure chests, expect Captain Jack Sparrow and pirates-a-plenty.

Of course there's a twist (always). Everything (activities and all) must be done "In Time." Can't say more.

It's gonna be a good and tiring week ahead again but it's alright, I'd rather go weary and happy than just be weary and just that.

Now excuse me as I spend my weary Monday night watching these treasures (more precious metals!) be given away. Good night.
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