Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is gonna be the first time I'm gonna rant about something may be irrelevant to you but not to me.

So how did the title came to be?

My day started really well actually. I woke up very early for a 9:00 am work-related thing where my skill (whatever's left of it) on video recording was put to good use with surprisingly satisfactory result. Jumped to my 11:00 am where I met with a good friend/brand person to talk about a big blog project. Went back to the office to do my usual round of commands #likeaboss which were received with child-like enthusiasm. I also managed to do my SM Accessories February pull-out at SM North as well. And just when I thought that my already productive day can't get any better, my secretary texted me that a package from Hong Kong just arrived.

This package.

Excited would be an understatement if you ask me how I felt upon knowing that the package that I've been eagerly waiting for days arrived a day earlier as expected. I even went back to the office to pick it up even though it was out of the way home. Hindi ko na pinagpabukas pa.

I even managed not to open the whole thing while I was at the car and waited until I get home to do it the right way. With proper photo documentation of course.

But wait, what's that dent on my tube?

Hong Kong Speed Post did this to my Superman John Woo portrait!
wtf right?
left part
right part
For the record, the shipping fee costs $60. That's roughly around Php2,500. I might be overreacting to some piece of parcel with some doodle of my favorite superhero... but it's my superhero. And art is art! Never mind that the shipping fee costs as much as the actual artwork itself but I expect the same utmost care you'd give to any piece of junk, regardless of its worth, that is handed your way in full confidence that it will reach point A to point B unscathed with that amount.

But instead I got this.

Isolated case? Who knows?
I knew that dent was trouble when I first saw it.
I'm not expecting to get anything out of this knowing that there is only one of this portrait in existence meaning: it can't be replicated. I just want Hong Kong Speed Post to know that my day ended NOT the way I expected it to be. Thanks to them.

And that's why I don't believe in happy endings and all that shit.

Now the challenge is to find a very good frameshop in the city. Here's hoping that they can do something about the hideousness that you just saw.


  1. hey paul! try toys for big boys at trinoma. they do a pretty good job with framing. they might do something about that dent. :)

  2. I'm also a big fan of Superman and it would devastate me too if this happened to me :( I feel disappointed for you :(

  3. I feel you Paul. It is frustrating when businesses/people don't operate/perform the way you expect them.

    P.S. I am having a bad day too. I'll drink another glass of alcohol for you! =/