Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ever wondered why Valentine's falls on the last day before payday? It's to show your loved ones that love can't be measured by money.

Ok, ok, I just made that up. But I got you into thinking right?

To those who are strategically delaying their celebration of the V-Day with their syota or asawa, might as well add this latest offering from The Body Shop along with the flowers and real chocolates you gave her today? Or better yet, surprise her with the Chocomania Deluxe Edition set while you're on your weekend getaway? Ang sweet nun!

Skip strawberry and let's talk about chocolate.

The Body Shop's delectably decadent Chocomania Bath & Body range just got even indulgent with a brand new luxe look! Say hello to the Chocomania Deluxe Edition Collection.
Wear it,
Love it
But Don't Eat it!
Say "I Love You" with the Chocomania Deluxe Edition Shower, Scrub & Moisture Set!
This heart-shaped tin is packed with four chocolatey-fragranced treats. Show your love.
The Heart Inside
The Body Shop's Chocomania Deluxe Edition Collection benefits from the finest Community Fair Trade cocoa butter thanks to their relationship with Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative in Ghana. Cocoa pods are hand-harvested and the beans are extracted, sun-dried, ground and pressed into butter. The co-op helps to give 50,000 small-scale farmers a fair wage and a guaranteed regular income. The Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Trust also helps to provide health and education facilities for the wider community. The Chocomania Deluxe Edition range has a huge heart! It features 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients from 11 countries around the world -- the most they've ever put into one collection.

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