It's been a long while since I last went on an event spree that's why today, I made the most out of it. You know that feeling when you have a lot of things planned out and you were able to do all of it on schedule? Coming from your OC PR Guy, accomplished would be an understatement.

It's also a good thing once in a while to step out of the house without lugging around a DSLR (except for outfit shots, of course) that's why today, I relied all my photo-documenting on my phone.

Started the day in Trinoma to pull-out my February WADE shoe-pply (<—just coined a term there!).

They're on sale by the way. Up to 70% off on selected items!

Also met up with my Ray-Ban giveaway winner Jaws to hand her prize who in turn handed it to her sister to give away. Such a cool sister.

After dropping by at The Body Shop (still in Trinoma) to redeem some items using my GCs, I went straight to SMX to visit and support the Times Square Fashion Bazaar...

…where one of the brands I'm handling is also participating.
I also managed to have my outfit photos taken by my friend Renzo (who's also one of the event's organizer) for the second time.

Tomorrow is the last day of the bazaar so drop by at the Lolita booth if you can.

Last stop is at The Body Shop event in Megamall where a Valentine's workshop was held for its LYB members. Was able to meet and hear Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities talk for the first time. Awesome speaker, beautiful woman.

Was supposed to go to Pampanga today but decided last-minute to postpone it until tomorrow instead. Very late na din to check-in. Sayang ang oras.

Decided to watch one from three of Elvis Presley's classic films (Live A Little, Love A Little) which I bought as a set yesterday. Thank God I did 'cause it reminded me of something that I got from SM Accessories a couple of weeks back (shoe trees! also learned the right name of it from the movie as well) which I'll be featuring soon.

And that's it. How'd your day went?

I'm still thinking of watching one more Elvis film tonight. Charro! or Stay Away, Joe? Hmm...


  1. now I want to rummage my sister collection of elvis film:)

  2. I was so lucky for two reasons: 1. Got to personally meet Paul; 2. Received the RayBan from his giveaway which served as a present for my sister :). Thanks again Paul!


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