Sunday, March 31, 2013


April 2013, aside from it being THE month for me and my company (I'm claiming it!), is gonna be exciting and colorful in terms of the covers of these fashion magazines that's gonna be officially available in newsstands in 3, 2...

…well except for GQ who chose quantity over color.
I'd probably be getting this one.

It's also gonna be a battle between two of America's best fashion magazines as they put two influential/"influential" women of color on their covers.

And then there's ours.

and fashion.
Denim for summer? Mega Man says "Yes."
And then there's Meg. Wondering what's it doing on the list?
The cover and Solenn looks pretty decent alright but there's something in this particular issue of Meg that makes it extra-special. My first ad for one of the brands that I'm handling is in it! And it has familiar faces all over it. More about that later.

Happy Easter by the way! Here's to new beginning and more blessings.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


There are so many things to write about, looks to share, and some news from our favorite brands to publish but I have to make way for John Lloyd and Sarah to occupy my blog space for today.

I'll be watching the movie later as I've watched their first two but this is only because of my being OC. I have to finish what I've started just like Lord of The Rings. Of course the latter was really worth watching so I guess this compulsion to watch John Lloyd and Sarah on the big screen for the third time is just my OC-ness talking.
Alright, I admit it. I liked the first two. I hope the third one won't disappoint.

Pray that Sarah's wig won't give me nightmares.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello. What have you been up to the past two days? Me? I've been traveling back and forth between Motorville and Ni No Kuni.

I actually just got back from time traveling to Japan yesterday and I'm planning to go back (again) in a while.

Everything was just simple then. Beautiful.

I Can't give a proper post yet 'coz I've been hooked on playing Ni No Kuni on PS3. Managed to get my hands off the joystick for a while to watch "From Up On Poppy Hill," also a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. Now this, for me, is my idea of a vacation... I'm actually on vacation! It's just that I got everything that I need and all the places I can go to right in my hotel room. Wala pang sunburn.

Ikaw? I hope you're somewhere enjoying yourself. Be safe alright?

(All photos of "Ni No Kuni" and "From Up On Poppy Hill" grabbed from different sources on the net)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's fish diet season again! You know what I'm thinking right now? Sushi, sashimi, wasabi. If you're a fan of Japanese food like I am, there's this new restaurant waiting for us to discover and it's just along Roxas Boulevard.

Notwithstanding its prominent structural design that marks the onset of a picturesque tradition in the hotel industry, rekindled by dazzling lights in harmony with its theme-centered interiors, Midas Hotel and Casino embraces by heart a culinary gem at the Mezzanine floor —the Yanagi Japanese Restaurant.

The restaurant's enchanting name was hailed from a mystical Japanese willow tree that legendarily boosts the essence of love and dreams. Coinciding with its enthralling name, Yanagi put forward a bracing catch on authentic Japanese fine dining inviting guests to its homely-pondered setting.

Yanagi offers a wide range of Japanese core dishes, which includes sushi selections, teppanyaki and fusion-inspired creations, though not overlooking into the traditional Japanese staples.

Stirred by the thoughts of Filipinos not keen on eating raw food, Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri set off a dish that exemplifies Yanagi's vision in upholding authenticity squeezed with creativity —the Aburi Sushi Five Kinds. This one-of-its-kind sushi that everyone can enjoy is comprised of slightly burnt hamachi, eel, salmon, tuna and lapu-lapu. For food enthusiasts, Tempura Maki, a share of deep-fried filled rice and enormous tempura rolls is a craze to fuss over with. There's also the Ebi Tamago, a plateful of huge prawns sunken in an exceptional egg sauce. To remarkably tote up with this delectable cusisines is the Kaki Papaya, a slice of a grilled tropical fruit cuddling a boiled Japanese oyster topped with caramelized miso mayo sauce. With all these lip smacking servings, freshen up your taste buds with Yanagi's signature brewed citrus iced tea.
The greatly savored flavors of Yanagi's Japanese dishes were ingeniously crafted by its Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri who seasoned his expertise through across-the-board training in the kitchens of Japan and sweeping toil in five-star hotels in the Philippines for over thirty years.
Chef Katagiri bears in mind that serving authentic Japanese dishes is a rule of thumb, still he guarantees that the dishes are deep-seated traditional yet entwined with unique taste and presentation style.

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant is located at the Mezzanine floor of Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. Be delighted with all its surprises from 11:30am - 2:30pm and from 6:00pm to 10:30pm. For more information, call (02) 902 0100 or go to

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It seems everybody I know is at Boracay or somewhere wet and sunny toasting themselves under the sun while I'm stuck here in Manila still working the last day before the Holy Week break starts. Yes, still no rest for the weary I know.
Ray-Ban clubmasters
Bench x Mich Dulce shirt
Bench chinos
SM Accessories belt
Wade espadrilles
What's good (and bad) about our country's climate is that anywhere you go, you will always have this expectation that a beach is just around the corner. It's that hot lately.

Sometimes, when the heat gets unbearable, the idea of going to work in my shorts and just a tank top can be quite tempting. But I'm not running a beach resort nor my job is that of a lifeguard so I can't. If you want to "inject" the season in your clothing while not risking yourself for a termination because of indecent exposure at the office, try wearing something like this: Ray-Bans inside the office is optional.
Ray-Ban clubmasters
Nothing screams summer better than anchors...
Bench x Mich Dulce shirt
and weaved belts.
SM Accessories weaved belt
There's the chinos and the espadrilles too! Still office appropriate but lighter in comparison to my usual office attires.
Wade espadrilles
So which part of the Philippines (or world!) are you in right now?

Monday, March 25, 2013


I've always wanted to do a lot of things to my body ever since I got my first ear piercing. Believe it or not, I used to have five (all on the ears: 3 on the left and 2 on the other)! My mom gave me my first. 

This "want" was not the extreme kind to the point of surgery —though at one point, China's leg lengthening procedure sounded sweet to my ears. These thoughts were procured back when the "YOLO" word was not even coined a term!

The things that I wanna do were mentally listed down under my then "Bucket List." It sounded morbid I know but I'd choose bucket than diary any time of the day. And then YOLO was born…

Erase bucket list, here's what's on my YOLO list as subcategorized under "physical":
1. Get a tattoo.
2. Go bald.
3. Get a chemical peel.

Let's start from item #3: Get a chemical peel.
Now I know getting this procedure has its upside in making our skin look young and you might probably think, "Where's the challenge in that?" Think about this: You're gonna be home-ridden for the next 3-4 days. No sun, no events, no gimmick nights… and the list goes on. Plus, did I say that there's pain? Not that I'm scaring you but there is. You know what they say, (altogether now) "No Pain, No Gain." For me, the painful part was missing out on the events that I got invited to during those days when I had the Easy Peel.

But first, what's Easy Peel?
For those looking for a great peeling treatment that does not leave your skin burnt and allows you to go back to your usual tasks fast, Easy Peel is for you. Using a TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) solution and nourishing cream, Easy Peel works to resurface the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and dark marks and lighten skin. Perfect for those suffering from oily skin. Every session starts with a facial and lasts for about an hour. For best results, doctors recommend that a person undergoes the treatment regularly. (Flawless)

Phase 1 - Facial

Phase 2 - Application of TCA solution and cream
And then things started to get ugly...

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Here are  two Sundays worth of Instagram photos featuring food ('coz I think Instagram was made for that), narcissism, stuff, new stuff, and more stuff!

Let's start with this Krispy Kreme Truffle Kremes. Verdict: so-so. Both taken on two separate Sundays, don't wonder if I end this post with another Krispy Kreme photo. This KK thing after church service is getting to be a habit. #notgood
First narcissistic photo: Start Fresh wearing SM Accessories, American Eagle Outfitters, Bench and Pedro.
New scents to review!
Initial thoughts: Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red is perfect for the sweltering heat; Black Signature, nighttime.
While David Beckham The Essence is fresh!
Tried Cafe 1228's buffet at New World Hotel Makati a couple of nights ago with new (mostly) blogger friends. This was my first plate. Raw appetizers! #japanesefoodfan
It was also MJ De Leon's (same guy who organized the event) birthday that night. Happy birthday again MJ and thanks for inviting me and my two friends!
And on to more new stuff!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Leading telecommunications company Globe goes beyond its usual support for Earth Hour on march 23 by encouraging its employees and subscribers to participate in the "No Impact Week" campaign to help further reduce carbon footprint.

No Impact Week is inspired by the book and film "No Impact Man" by Colin Beavan, which advocate carbon cleansing or living with as little carbon footprint as possible.
Every year, Globe Telecom joins millions of households and businesses around the world in turning off their lights for one hour to raise awareness on climate change. This time, the company wants to do more, thus, it is challenging employees and subscribers to make small changes in their personal lifestyle at least for a week.

From March 25 to April 1, anyone who cares for the environment can participate in the simple experiment by veering away from their usual routines such as taking public transportation instead of their own car, avoiding the use of plastic bags, growing vegetables in the backyard, switching to online versions of newspapers, unplugging all electronic items when not in use, watching less TV, eliminating paper products, hanging clothes instead of using the dryer, among other activities. Individually, the effort may not seem significant but it could create a huge impact on the environment when done collectively.

"Globe is the only telco in the country with an integrated sustainability program in place. We are fully supportive of Earth Hour because as a company, we are aware of the impact of climate change to society and businesses. As an advocacy, we continuously strive to engage not only our employees but our own subscribers as well to participate in environment preservation initiatives as active citizens," said Rob I. Nazal, Head of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

Over the years, Globe has progressed at addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability as it recognizes the impact the company has upon the world in which it operates. It has, in fact, implemented a system based on the ISO 14001 standard that takes environmental protection as  priority consideration.

Aside from internal efforts to comply with environmental regulations, Globe also continues to incorporate sustainability in its business strategies and contribute solutions that mitigate climate change.

For instance, Globe, through its CSR arm Globe Bridging Communities, spearheads annual environment events such as the Globe Cordillera Challenge, which is slated on May 4 and Globe Arakan XC (cross-country) in October. Both activities are geared towards the protection and preservation of the environment - the Cordillera mountain rages and the Arakan Valley.

This year's Earth Hour Switch-off on March 23, from 8:30 to 9:30pm, aims to encourage more than 10 million participants in the Philippines to switch their lights off for the environment. Since 2009, the Philippines has been one of the staunchest supporters of Earth Hour and has topped town and city participation to earn the title "Earth Hour Country Hero." The Earth Hour campaign in the Philippines is being spearheaded by World Wildlife Fund-Philippines.

About Globe Bridging Communities___________________________________________________
Globe enriches its social commitment to areas where it can make a significant contribution in addressing issues involving the marginalized sectors. Through Globe Bridging Communities, its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility program, Globe is able to engage stakeholders in the community to design their own sustainable future. GGlobe also provides opportunities to underserved Filipino communities so that they can participate and contribute in the country's competitiveness.

The company commits to promote its five advocacies — good governance, excellence in social services delivery, entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, and active citizenship through volunteerism —making use of information Communications Technology for enabled, empowered and enriched lives for its staff and community partners.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth came to Manila last March 15, 2013 to promote his Summer campaign for Bench through a series of mall shows.

But before he braved the meet and greet with his "hungry" fans, Liam took the time to sit down with the press and a few select bloggers to talk about "Catching Fire" and a whole lot of things on top of his summer campaign for Bench at the Peninsula, Manila. Yes, the lion experience was brought up.

I managed to ask Liam a question through Raymond Gutierrez, who hosted the presscon, and THIS (there's a video!) is what he answered to "Do you believe that clothes make the man?"

Coming from a guy who doesn't need much effort in dressing up to look good, his response was expected.
Quickly making his way up Hollywood's A-List ranks with blockbuster movies such as "The Last Song" and "The Hunger Games," there's no stopping Liam as he comes back on the big screen as Gale Hawthorne in the most anticipated film this year "Catching Fire," the second installment to the "Hunger Games" saga.
Now there's a question from my friend Alyssa Lapid which I find very smart and current. She asked "If you were in the Hunger Games and Bench was a cornucopia, what item would you grab first?" from which Liam initially answered "a good pair of shoes." There's a good amount of running-for-your-life involved in the movie in case you didn't know.
Also scheduled for release this 2013 are movies "Paranoia" where he stars opposite Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman and "Empire State" with Dwayne Johnson and Emma Roberts. Next year is "Arabian Nights" where Liam is slated to star as Ali Baba.
Liam had a series of meet and greets that day after the presscon. Photos to be posted at Bench's Facebook account.
Liam Fact: Did you know that he is an active philanthropist? Taking after his parents who worked in child protection for more twenty years, Liam is an active ambassador of the Australian Childhood Foundation. Beyond doing his best as an actor, Liam makes it a point to set a good example as a role model for kids to look up to.
Mr. Ben Chan looking like a proud dad with Liam.
More photos of Liam at the press conference and his Summer 2013 campaign for Bench (yes, the lion is still there) after the cut.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


You know that kid who grew up in a farm in Smallville?
Yes, the one who can fly faster than a speeding bullet and do other superhuman things 'coz well, he's not exactly human?
Lyle & Scott button-downs
Antony Morato shirt
Cheap Monday jeans
Converse Superman Chuck Taylors
Kenneth Cole watch
Well that kid's not me.

This is the closest I can get to cosplaying Superman circa Smallville. I just added a statement shirt plus an intriguing title to the equation and a look worthy (sort of) of a blog post was born. And oh, there's also a field!
Antony Morato shirt
A closer look:
SM Accessories bracelets, Lyle & Scott button-downs
Kenneth Cole watch
Converse Superman Chuck Taylors
Bonus Photos: More play of lights at an imaginary field in Smallville.