Cutting-edge Italian brand Antony Morato brings distinctive style to Manila.

Located at Alabang Town Center (ATC), the first Asian mono-brand store opened in November 0f 2012, offering staple pieces such as shirts, polos, jeans, underwear, and other accessories.

AM was founded by three Italian brothers, Tania, Lello, and Giovanni Calderelli in 2007. A large fan base received them and the company's rapid expansion sought the opening of many other mono- and multi-brand outlets all over the world. Intriguing, as it may seem, their rise to success is largely a result of their unique urbane style.

Each collection is geared towards providing comfort and, above all, an effortless approach to daily wear. AM focuses on giving its clientele clothing placed on the forefront of fashion while still maintaining a timeless quality.

Combined with flawless construction, they are sure to become a hit with those looking for a rebellious tilt to stylish apparel.

Today, AM is one of Italy's most impressive menswear brands, having expanded its presence to 49 countries in just six years. It brings irreverent flavors to men's fashion, resulting in looks that are both effortlessly stylish and fun. Fashion enthusiasts can expect more of AM's trailblazing vision with the brand's upcoming store launches.

Antony Morato is breaking the Philippine's fashion world wide open with the launch of its six distinct collections: Alarm Call, Less Is More, Natural Wood, Pop Hearth, Sushi Bar and Voodoo Experience. Each collection take its inspiration from iconic aspects of men's fashion, from the rustic outdoors to the suave vibrancy of Asian street wear. The country's sartorial gurus now have a wide range of looks to work with, each one encouraging them to create their own signature styles.

Speaking of creating a signature style, check out the following looks I came up with mixing/layering Antony Morato's latest collections paired with the brand's stylish denims:

Sushi Bar button-downs + Pop Hearth blazer
Voodoo Experience button-downs + shirt
Pop Hearth blazer + Natural Wood shirt
Sushi Bar button-downs + Less Is More shirt
Natural Wood button-downs + Alarm Call shirt
Which is your style?

Now come March 21, 2013, Antony Morato will be celebrating its launch in the Philippines via a big party! Aside from the brand, here are a couple more reasons to get you excited for the launch: It will happen at the newest club in Metro Manila, HYVE; Robbie Carmona will be unveiling the new collection via a fashion show.

Would you like to win a special invite to the event? Here's how:
1. LIKE Antony Morato on Facebook
2. Follow @AntonyMoratoPH on Twitter and tweet: "I want to go the @AntonyMoratoPH VIP launch with @PaulThePRGuy because__________."

Two winners will get an invite to the VIP launch. Names will be posted on March 19, 2013. See you at the launch!
Antony Morato is located at U/G Activity Center, Expansion Building, Alabang Town Center, For inquiries, contact (02) 511 0764.

Soon to open: Antony Morato G/F The New Glorietta in Ayala Center, Makati City.


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