Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello. What have you been up to the past two days? Me? I've been traveling back and forth between Motorville and Ni No Kuni.

I actually just got back from time traveling to Japan yesterday and I'm planning to go back (again) in a while.

Everything was just simple then. Beautiful.

I Can't give a proper post yet 'coz I've been hooked on playing Ni No Kuni on PS3. Managed to get my hands off the joystick for a while to watch "From Up On Poppy Hill," also a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. Now this, for me, is my idea of a vacation... I'm actually on vacation! It's just that I got everything that I need and all the places I can go to right in my hotel room. Wala pang sunburn.

Ikaw? I hope you're somewhere enjoying yourself. Be safe alright?

(All photos of "Ni No Kuni" and "From Up On Poppy Hill" grabbed from different sources on the net)

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