Saturday, March 2, 2013


If you're following me on Instagram, then you probably saw my #mourning post. My uncle died that day hence the extended lack of look posts. Believe me (I'm sure you do) when I tell you that I have several looks reserved/scheduled for posting but the thought of my aware relatives reacting violently differently upon seeing me posting my what-I-wore's on Facebook as if nothing happened made me think otherwise.

Last night, I finally went to the wake. I'm actually a very emotional person but the days which went by where I drowned myself with work to get my mind off things somehow "prepared" me of the supposedly scene that usually takes place in soap operas when one of the lead characters die. I was too tired to cry.

The visit literally brought me back to the time when I was just little… when we had just little. I was surrounded by my cousins once again. Same group of kids I spent afternoons with climbing aratiles trees, played hide-and-seek (with bottom line: suntukan), basically I grew up with.

There's my eldest female cousin (who just had a baby), her older brother who chose to get in touch with his nature-loving self along with his live-in partner, and then there's the comic.
I expected us to actually be "mature" in the sense that our shelf life as children already expired more than a decade ago but hearing my comic cousin crack jokes the way he did back when we were little, I thought to myself "some things never do change."

Somehow I found myself breathing a sigh of relief.

I and my cousins had a "falling-apart" phase but who would have thought that a thing as inevitable as death could actually bring broken relationships back to life?
Ray-ban aviators
FOX shirt
Topman jeans
Springfield jacket
Wade shoes
So what made me change my mind in posting a look while the family is still in the midst of grieving? Well, my uncle wouldn't have wanted it any other way. After all, he's also a comic.

In details:
FOX shirt
Valentino watch
Karat World bracelet
Wade mid-cut boots

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