Sunday, March 31, 2013


April 2013, aside from it being THE month for me and my company (I'm claiming it!), is gonna be exciting and colorful in terms of the covers of these fashion magazines that's gonna be officially available in newsstands in 3, 2...

…well except for GQ who chose quantity over color.
I'd probably be getting this one.

It's also gonna be a battle between two of America's best fashion magazines as they put two influential/"influential" women of color on their covers.

And then there's ours.

and fashion.
Denim for summer? Mega Man says "Yes."
And then there's Meg. Wondering what's it doing on the list?
The cover and Solenn looks pretty decent alright but there's something in this particular issue of Meg that makes it extra-special. My first ad for one of the brands that I'm handling is in it! And it has familiar faces all over it. More about that later.

Happy Easter by the way! Here's to new beginning and more blessings.

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