Sunday, March 24, 2013


Here are  two Sundays worth of Instagram photos featuring food ('coz I think Instagram was made for that), narcissism, stuff, new stuff, and more stuff!

Let's start with this Krispy Kreme Truffle Kremes. Verdict: so-so. Both taken on two separate Sundays, don't wonder if I end this post with another Krispy Kreme photo. This KK thing after church service is getting to be a habit. #notgood
First narcissistic photo: Start Fresh wearing SM Accessories, American Eagle Outfitters, Bench and Pedro.
New scents to review!
Initial thoughts: Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red is perfect for the sweltering heat; Black Signature, nighttime.
While David Beckham The Essence is fresh!
Tried Cafe 1228's buffet at New World Hotel Makati a couple of nights ago with new (mostly) blogger friends. This was my first plate. Raw appetizers! #japanesefoodfan
It was also MJ De Leon's (same guy who organized the event) birthday that night. Happy birthday again MJ and thanks for inviting me and my two friends!
And on to more new stuff!

I'm crazy about these flash lenses from Ray-Ban! They're awesome no?
Now what do you get when you place my phone inside this Ray-Ban phone hoodie?
A look inspiration! Suit & Tie + hoodie combo. Get your FREE Ray-Ban hoodie when you buy frames at Php7,990 or sunnies at Php8,990!
Aside from eyewear, I also got myself some gym essentials! Yes, I'm starting a healthy and fit lifestyle from now on.
Here are some shots taken at the vacant lot beside my house.
Look: Clark Who? wearing SM Accessories, Lyle & Scott, Antony Morato, Cheap Monday and Converse Superman Chucks.
I also met the Hunger Game's star Liam Hemsworth at his Bench presscon at Manila Peninsula. See the rest of the post HERE.
More Ray-Ban! Totally digging this groovy clubmasters. Only 30 pieces available in the Philippines. Wait, let's make that 29. I got the 30th eh. Hehe.
And finally, here are some things that made my Sunday complete.

First time to see my Lolita Bus Ad.
And Krispy Kreme (again!) right after church! These Mickey Mouse tumblers can be yours for FREE if you buy 10 dozens single receipt worth of Krispy Kreme's Easter offering Mickey Mouse donuts. That's like Php4,500 per tumbler!
I like their donuts this time.
So how's your Sunday? Aren't you glad that it rained?


  1. Aww I love mickey mouse! :) Bff di ka na namin nakakasama, nabanggit ni pax nun isang araw, nasad naman ako :s
    Happy you're having fun though! :)