Friday, March 15, 2013


This year's American Idol finalists are a talented bunch! But I think a guy (again) will win this one.

A black guy.
Burnell Taylor
Or maybe a black girl.
Amber Holcomb
Or a tie between two black girls. Who knows?
Candice Glover
But I would like to see Kree take home the idol crown.
Kree Harrison
Now I myself had an American Idol moment last year when Center Stage Mall of Asia opened. I even pulled a Jessica Sanchez where I placed 2nd at the Karaoke Challenge! It was just a random act of courage. One with a surprising and unexpected result.
Center Stage co-owner Karylle with Rap Fernandez
this time with Brod Pete
Tim Yap and Iza Calzado hosted the challenge!

First round: Push by Matchbox20

Being judged by a rockstar and a music bigwig is nerve-wracking but seeing them sing along to your choices of songs was the icing on the cake. I even got an occasional second voice from Yael! Now how's that for a karaoke experience?
Iza is also cooing...
The next round, I took off my jacket. This time, we were asked to pick an OPM.

Second round: Hallelujah (complete with rap!) by Bamboo
Watch the video HERE.

And the last man standing got an on-the-spot impromptu interview.

I don't exactly remember what I said to get this "aww" from Iza but right after this scene,

I got a good luck kiss from her! (Proof? See video below)

For the final round, we were to select a song from a legend. Since I don't do Michael Jackson, I picked a Jon Bon Jovi.

Deciding round: It's My Life by Jon Bon Jovi

Eh pumiyok ako.

Anyway, pumiyok or not, I was very sure (Round 1 pa lang) that this petite lady with the big voice will win the whole thing.

And here we are for a final huddle. Hehe. They requested for a duet. A final song of some sort. Di maganda ang outcome.

The cake was these two ladies (at the extremes) who were just 1000% supportive of the whole "ordeal" that I went through that night. We thought that I'm just gonna do one song and after that we can leave for our next event. Eh nanalo nang nanalo ang manok nila.

But seriously, Pax and Ana, remembering this moment last year made me realized how important you girls are to me. I appreciate your screaming and cheers but most importantly, I appreciate your presence there. Oh wait, kayo pala nag-invite sa akin nun.

More about Center Stage MoA soon. In the meantime, why don't you follow @centerstagemoa on Twitter?

Photos and videos by Ana Gonzales


  1. Partida talaga lasheng pa ko nyan a but veryvery well documented parin ang AI moment mo, hahaha! ;D

  2. you know we love you!!! and oo nga wild night un super sayaaaaa. kami na manager mo pag nagsinger ka ha. hehe! cu sooon loves!

  3. yun impersonator pala ni angel locsin nkatalo sa'yo, she was a finalist of Pinoy Pop Superstar.

  4. Parang ang daya naman, professional yung nakatalo sayo eh.. hehehe