It's fish diet season again! You know what I'm thinking right now? Sushi, sashimi, wasabi. If you're a fan of Japanese food like I am, there's this new restaurant waiting for us to discover and it's just along Roxas Boulevard.

Notwithstanding its prominent structural design that marks the onset of a picturesque tradition in the hotel industry, rekindled by dazzling lights in harmony with its theme-centered interiors, Midas Hotel and Casino embraces by heart a culinary gem at the Mezzanine floor —the Yanagi Japanese Restaurant.

The restaurant's enchanting name was hailed from a mystical Japanese willow tree that legendarily boosts the essence of love and dreams. Coinciding with its enthralling name, Yanagi put forward a bracing catch on authentic Japanese fine dining inviting guests to its homely-pondered setting.

Yanagi offers a wide range of Japanese core dishes, which includes sushi selections, teppanyaki and fusion-inspired creations, though not overlooking into the traditional Japanese staples.

Stirred by the thoughts of Filipinos not keen on eating raw food, Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri set off a dish that exemplifies Yanagi's vision in upholding authenticity squeezed with creativity —the Aburi Sushi Five Kinds. This one-of-its-kind sushi that everyone can enjoy is comprised of slightly burnt hamachi, eel, salmon, tuna and lapu-lapu. For food enthusiasts, Tempura Maki, a share of deep-fried filled rice and enormous tempura rolls is a craze to fuss over with. There's also the Ebi Tamago, a plateful of huge prawns sunken in an exceptional egg sauce. To remarkably tote up with this delectable cusisines is the Kaki Papaya, a slice of a grilled tropical fruit cuddling a boiled Japanese oyster topped with caramelized miso mayo sauce. With all these lip smacking servings, freshen up your taste buds with Yanagi's signature brewed citrus iced tea.
The greatly savored flavors of Yanagi's Japanese dishes were ingeniously crafted by its Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri who seasoned his expertise through across-the-board training in the kitchens of Japan and sweeping toil in five-star hotels in the Philippines for over thirty years.
Chef Katagiri bears in mind that serving authentic Japanese dishes is a rule of thumb, still he guarantees that the dishes are deep-seated traditional yet entwined with unique taste and presentation style.

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant is located at the Mezzanine floor of Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. Be delighted with all its surprises from 11:30am - 2:30pm and from 6:00pm to 10:30pm. For more information, call (02) 902 0100 or go to www.midashotelandcasino.com.


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