Saturday, April 27, 2013


This is my regular-day-at-work look. Simple and clean...
…with a twist.
Ray-Ban clubmasters
Forever 21 button-downs
SM Accessories belt
Topman chinos
Wade shoes
A closer look:

Twist #1: The eyewear. See those prints? Groovy eh?
@RayBanCollector clubmasters
@SMAccessories belt, Forever 21 button downs, Topman chinos
Twist #2: The footwear (including socks!). Nothing beats bite-size portions of the camouflage print to liven up an otherwise simple look. Don't forget the color of the shoes too!
@WadeShoesPR camouflage-soled shoes, Topman camo socks
Now a person looking as if he smells nice shouldn't just rely on the initial impression his clean and simple look gives off. Being "mukhang-mabango" shouldn't stop at just that. In proximity, the thought of "Ah, he really does smell good" should pop into people's head when they get pass by you.

The perfect scent for this look? David Beckham The Essence.

Simple, clean but also... with a twist. Will talk more about that next.

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