Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's the weekend!

You know what I love about this part of this week? I get to rest and catch up on my "traditional" reading!

I already expressed my love for honest-to-goodness-real books HERE and this time, allow me to share to you some of my greatest book finds.

Now I have a special place in my heart, DVD player and shelf for anything Hayao Miyazaki:
Also books related to blogging, graphic novels (the sappy and sometimes gory kinds) and the literally heavy ones.
I buy all my books from Fully Booked because I have their discount card that entitles me a 10% discount on cash purchases and 5% when using my credit card on international/imported titles. But Fully Booked does not only sell books. They also carry magazines, records in CDs and DVDs and a whole lot of other stuff! The thing with the last items that I mentioned is that the 10% discount powers of my Fully Booked card doesn't apply to them. Sad, I know, but we can't have it all or so they say.

Just when I thought that a Php50 off on the latest issue of GQ won't happen anytime soon, in comes the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard Mastercard!
The new Fully Booked RCBC Bankard Mastercard is the latest credit card from RCBC, one of the country's most progressive and largest banks. This new co-brand credit card gives book lovers access to some of the most unique finds and latest releases available in Fully Booked.

The best thing about this card is that the subscriber can enjoy a 10% discount INSTANTLY with EVERY purchase at ANY Fully Booked branch! Cardholders can get cash rebates of up to 10% as well as one free book on early purchases and on their renewal period.
What's more is that cardholders are entitled to invites to exclusive events, special sales and new arrivals, discounts at partner establishments and an installment option of zero percent interest for big-ticket purchases.
RCBC Bankard President/CEO Oscar B. Biason and Fully Booked Managing Director Jaime Daez
We are proud to be partnering with the country's first and leading specialty bookstore. This partnership is a testament to our continuous commitment in strengthening our position in the market and expanding our clientele," said RCBC Bankard President and CEO Oscar B. Biason.

Fully Booked's Managing Director Jaime Daez likewise expressed his interest in entering into a partnership that will enhance the experience of his establishments' discriminating patrons.

"Fully Booked, from the start, is all bout going beyond the idea of an ordinary bookstore, and offering innovative experiences that delight our readers," Daez said. "We are confident that having our name in a credit card product together with an industry pioneer contributes greatly to this end."

Get your Fully Booked RCBC Bankard Credit Card now and make your reading more fully rewarding!

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  1. Love your book choices, Paul! Go get the card na! :) Thanks so much for this blog post! :) - Mira