Sunday, April 21, 2013


And by family, I meant my canine family.

I was invited by Pet One to the first stop of their Dog Care On Wheels (DCOW) project at SM Fairview. Seeing this as an opportunity to bond with my dogs, I brought Yogi (the Chow Chow) and Cullen (the Husky) along with me. I originally planned on bringing the St. Bernards (Ember and Golly) but the hot and humid weather that we're having of late made me think otherwise. Imagine the scene that I'll be creating if either of my gentle giants had a seizure attack.

Of course I also thought of bringing the "batas" - Ringo, my Japanese Spitz but nah… I don't wanna be kicked out of the venue by his delinquency.

I'll be talking more about the event on a separate post alright? In the meantime, here are some photos to make you go aww...
Those are tears of joy. He won something, I think.
His stance, gaze, and preference to sit independently (on his own chair)? Pang-mayaman. And he's also in LVs.

And then there's Yogi...
He managed to win a few admirers himself! Just by being effortlessly stoic.
I'm ending this day by watching Adventure Time. It's gonna be my first time to watch this animated series (don't judge) and based on what I've heard from people, I'm excited.
And hey, Jake is a dog! Well what do you know… More human and dog bonding before bedtime!

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