Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm starting a new look series on my blog where I'm gonna copy someone's style.

It's more convenient for me that way since I don't need to talk much about why I'm wearing this, where I wore that 'coz honestly? I'm getting tired of talking. (To be really, really honest? I'm just lazy. Hoho.)

Ray-Ban aviators
Zara jacket
Nick Automatic shirt
Topman pants
Lacoste shoes
SM Accessories bag
So why "An A.M. A Day"?
Alonso Mateo. That's the name of the guy who's style I'm copying taking inspiration from...
Ray-Ban aviators; Zara jacket; Nick Automatic shirt
SM Accessories bag; Topman pants; Lacoste shoes
Or should I say "little" guy. Hence, "An Alonso Mateo A Day."
I got introduced to him a couple of weeks ago through his mom's Instagram (@luisafere) and I was blown away not by the fact that he's one stylish kid (I'm sure he gets all his styling from his mom) but the idea that at such a young age, he knows how to *excuse the phrase* "make love" with the camera! I might as well copy his poses too.

I know it's lame that I'm copying a kid's style but what can I do? The kid's got more swag than Justin Bieber and Romeo Beckham combined! Follow his mom's Instagram account and see for yourself.

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