I got introduced to Adventure Time a couple of weeks ago and though the stories revolve around the adventures of man-dog bestfriends Finn and Jake, the character who somehow made an impact to me is Princess Bubblegum. She's spunky, adventurous (also), and brave on top of her sweet and charming exterior.

Now in our world, we have our own Princess Bubblegum or should I say, Bubblegum Princess. She's twice as spunky, adventurous and brave (with her choices of roles), sweet, charming, pretty, and she doesn't rely on a Korean-speaking-rainbow-colored-unicorn to get pass sticky situations. She's also a singer by the way.

Armed and ready with Doublemint (of course!), nothing's stopping Anne Curtis...
From singing upside down in her daily noon time show, performing at the jam-packed Araneta Coliseum like a true concert performer together with experienced performer, to riding the MRT just to arrive on time for her commitments, Anne Curtis is definitely a game trooper and ready for any encounter.

These stand-out qualities showing her openness to possibilities and confidence to make positive connections make Anne truly fit to become the newest ambassadress of Doublemint as she embodies the brand's spirit, be it at work or at play, and provokes a positive and confident vibe wherever she may be.

"She starts the fun and positive vibes in a group. She truly exudes the Doublemint positivity and confidence. Doublemint is in the business of fresh breath, anytime, anywhere, which means anyone can be ready for any encounter," said Senior Product Manager Mary Rose Zamora of Doublemint.

Just like Anne, the whole barkada can also be just as spontaneous and as confident as her as the chewing gum provides you fresh breath anytime, anywhere. Anne double dares the barkada so watch out for more of Anne in the Doublemint Philippines Facebook page.

Get to experience the Doublemint spirit showcased by Anne through her wide array of horror, romantic, and comedy films that will air the whole month of July on Cinema One, the country's leading cable channel and the official media partner of Doublemint.

Included in the roster of movies to watch out for are "Wag Kang Lilingon," "All About Love," "Babe I Love You," "Ang Cute ng Ina Mo," and "No Other Woman," which beat box-office records with its massive success.

Cinema One is available on SkyCable Gold, SkyCable Silver and other quality cable operators. For more information and updates, log on to

Read on for more photos of Anne Curtis at the launch and some fun facts involving her famous big lips.

On-screen best kiss? Derek Ramsey
She's kinda obsessed with that guy from Fifty Shades of Grey.
So far, no encounters yet with leading men who badly needs a Doublemint gum.
Her take on haters? Sometimes pumapatol sya ng slight especially when her family is involved.
I won this big Doublemint pack when I took Anne's challenge to sing after asking her a question. The song? The Script's The Man Who Can't Be Moved. We had a duet on some parts. Such an honor. Hehe.
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  1. ang cool nung malaking double mint!!

  2. Wow congrats! It's already an honor to be with Anne Curtis :)
    Galing! :)

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  3. Wow! Swerte to be with Anne! liked doublemint na in fb.. :)) my official gum since grade school. :)


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