Sunday, May 5, 2013


Another sunny Summer Sunday is gonna pass but why do I get the feeling that I won't be letting up my shorts and my Ray-Bans anytime soon?

So how's your summer so far? No I'm not talking to you, you lucky bastards who spent the Labor Day weekend at Boracay!

Ray-Ban wayfarers
Maldita Man shirt
Flying Dutchman shorts
Wade shoes
Aside from sunblocks (for survival), what have you been hoarding lately to complete your looks this season? Me? The usual stuff…

Summer emblems like sunnies,
Ray-Ban folding wayfarers
SM Accessories watch
sailing inspired accessories,
SM Accessories bracelet
shorts (literally with emblems),
Flying Dutchman shorts (limited edition)
and loafers (and waxed legs, haha! - though you really can't horde 'em).
Wade shoes
This season is also an opportunity to learn new things. In this case, I was the one who taught this 11 year old kid to take my/these photos. Say hi to Aaron! (He already wanted to be a blogger after our photo session).

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