Sunday, May 19, 2013

LOOK LIKE A CEO... NOT! #96 - #MYOH2013

The only time/event of the year where a semi-formal look with flip flops is acceptable is the Make Your Own Havaianas event. The only time I say because as much as I love the idea of working in my Havaianas, I can't. I'm not Willie. I don't own a yacht.

This is what I wore to the media night of #MYOH2013 (Make Your Own Havaianas 2013). I originally wore my "Blue Eagles" Havaianas that night but decided to make the whole look interesting for this shoot with a pop of color from the other pair I made. Mas bagay daw sabi ni Robby Carmona.
Ray-Ban wayfarers
Basic House blazer
Uniqlo shirt
Lee jeans
Two things that I will never let go from this look no matter how many Bloggers United I'll be participating in are listed numbers 6 and 7 respectively on F*ck Yeah Menswear's 11 Essentials.

No.6 is this navy blazer I bought from Basic House (Yesterday's the opening of their Megamall store —I got the same style in a different color)
Ray-Ban wayfarers; Basic House navy blazer
and No.7 is my eyewear brand of choice
—Ray-Ban, which by the way had the awesome setup at the Wanderland Music Festival (Great turn-out of celebrities too!).
Uniqlo anchor print button downs
SM Accessories bracelet
Havaianas flip flops
By the way, I'm hating the sudden shift of season that we are experiencing right now. It's making me rush in posting all my summer-inspired looks and I happen to hate rushing! Can't think clearly. But knowing our country's climate, one day we are basking under the sun in our tank tops and the next we are cooped up in our homes restricted to go out because of the rain. Pesky Philippine weather.


  1. hey paul, you have a super nice suit. arbor. LOL.:)

  2. flip-flops! HAHA :))

  3. Who would've thought Suit + Havaianas is actually a bomb?! Looks fantastic!