Monday, May 13, 2013


It's national events week starting today! Crossing the election on the list for Monday, @PaulThePRGuy's Instagram event updates will resume tomorrow. I tell you, it's gonna rain Hollywood celebrities and launches!

Now a recap on last week's events starting with this pretty dumpling from Li Li:
On Thursday, I attended the #GlobeRewards launch at EDSA Shangri-la
and also visited GAOC at their Medical Plaza Makati clinic. (Don't forget to join my GAOC Giveaway alright? I'll be extending the submission of entries since the worth of the prize at stake is around 25k!)
Friday: Prom night at the #CandyStyleAwards2013 at the Rockwell Tent. Who says only cars need fuel? Gassed up at McDo before the event.
Saturday: Pre-Mother's Day lunch with CIF. Still hoping to win from my #CifBeautifulEndings Instagram entries (hehe).
And it's Mother's Day! This is only what I came up with for my mom. Didn't get to celebrate it with her since she's still in Saudi.
Today: Just got back from Bataan. Didn't get to vote.
But I'm enjoying what I'm reading on my Twitter feed.

Another week's worth of events updates are coming your way. Follow me on Instagram alright? It's @PaulThePRGuy. Thanks!

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