Sunday, May 19, 2013


It's a double HT for you today.

Starting with how I looked like yesterday at the most awesome and coolest music festival of the year, Wanderland. #sober
Ray-Ban wayfarers
Nick Automatic shirt
SM Accessories bracelets
Topman pants and shoes
Brought a backpack for a change. Pa-hipster lang I know but that's how I survived the event with all my gadgets, spare change and a quarter of my house in it.

And this is how my Crumpler Proud Stash woke up today. It got pimped!
The other HT refers to the contest mechanics of The Crumpler Takeover which I mentioned several posts ago. Since we're on the topic of survival, if you want your bag to last this school year (and the next…and the next...), get the latest Crumpler bag, the Proud Stash! It not only boasts of the same quality which the brand is known for but it also comes at a more affordable price! For more color choices, click HERE.

Now if you're feeling lucky, why not join #TheCrumplerTakeOver and get a chance to win either a Proud Stash or a Ludicrous Debacle? All you have to do is tweet @CrumplerPH a photo of your dying bag along with the hashtag #TheCrumplerTakeOver. Try squeezing in a little story for good measure! For more details, click HERE.

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  1. so brave of you to cut out a nick automatic shirt. heard those are hard to find.