Thursday, June 20, 2013


My blog is my "Independence Day."

Meaning: Whether I choose to wear a shirt with the American flag on it with matching luggage on June 12 or go to the office looking like this is none of your business. And I hate cliches so sue me.

But really, my motivation for coming up with this look is Alonso Mateo.
Except that I don't have a Union Jack shirt and a boom/lunchbox. If I had, now that would be mature.

Now let's spoil the whole attitude of the first two photos with this (you're-gonna-hate-me-for-this) smirk.
Uniqlo jacket | Topman shirt
Penshoppe pants | Diemnsione luggage
Ray-Ban sunglasses | Bensimon sneakers

Never mind what you just saw, let's focus on other things yeah?
SM Accessories bracelets
Bensimon sneakers
Follow @luisafere on Instagram for more photos of Alonso. 'til the next A.M. post! Promise, I won't do the smirk again.

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