Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Before anything else, THIS was not a production from ASAP.

I know I may not sound convincing when I share to you the account of what happened that day:
Christian Bautista opened the show with a song number (he also multi-tasked as the event's host);
Anne Curtis rode down a top-down Ferrari as part of her "Material Girl" production number (she also sang Rihanna's "Diamonds";
Two of the beauty industry's bigwigs cough*belo*cough went onstage complete with flowers for Anne Curtis as if she's a birthday celebrant and that her album went multi-platinum.
But I tell you, this was not ASAP.

This was the launch of Anne Curtis as Belo Essentials' newest endorser and the unveiling of the new Beauty Deo Spray at the activity center of Trinoma last May 11, 2013.

Wanna know the reason why Anne's underarms garnered fans of their own?
But first, more photos of her underarms.

Hey, I'm just proving a point here.

Anne Curtis, who has been in the Belo family since she first entered showbiz as a teen star, said she is very happy about her new involvement with Belo Essentials.

"I grew up with Belo," shared Anne. "They've taken care of all my beauty needs since puberty, and I've never had to look for anything else. They offer so many products and services, so it was very easy for me to find the perfect match for myself, especially in caring for my skin."

Anne, who has grown into the most beautiful and sought-after star of her generation, credits her transformation to the caring eye of Belo over the years.

She revealed that the Belo Beauty Deo has always been one of her personal beauty must-haves. It addresses all the underarm issues that most women worry about. It works as an antiperspirant, effectively whitens dark areas, smoothens skin by minimizing pores and chicken skin, and does not leave a sticky feeling after application. And now, aside from the classic roll-on, ladies can now get the Beauty Deo Spray.
"We're very proud of how far Belo Essentials has come in creating effective and affordable beauty products," said managing director Cristalle. "Anne epitomizes the elegance, confidence and simplicity that Belo Essentials is all about."
One of the most important things is to find the perfect deodorant for yourself,"said Anne. "Especially in my line of work, I wouldn't be so confident if I were worrying about dark or sweaty underarms all the time!"
The Belo Beauty Deo is available in both spray and roll-on variants

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