Monday, June 17, 2013


I have a confession to make about my dad.

He's an Arab prince.

That's a long-running joke I always tell my friends.

Oh how I missed the look of amazement/enlightenment on their faces when they tell me "That's why your name is Riyadh!" or "That's the reason why you were born in Saudi!" -Fun times!

(The cute kid by the way is my older brother with some random guy my dad is friends with back in 1982)

Here's my real dad.
He died in 1989.

I don't really know much about him and quite frankly, I don't even see the similarities (his Chuapoco-ness manifests in my kuya) until I saw these photos...
The love for Ray-Bans and his preference for variation when it comes to photo backgrounds are what I got from him. Never mind the hair.
One thing that I just recently discovered is that he calls my mom "Mahal." Uy, kilig.
What's up with December 24 and 25? Ahh… maybe they just take Christmas a little too seriously?
And yet another one.
No, really dad. Pink Floyd or Whitney Houston?
Funny how I got by with all those years I've been getting Father's Day greetings and I always say thanks without telling people that I actually don't have a father anymore. But come to think of it, isn't Father's Day the same as All Souls' Day? We celebrate the lives of our fathers regardless of them being dead or alive (not unless you have an a$$hole for a dad and you want him dead instead, now that's a different story).

As for me, I cherish those moments when I was just somewhere between 3 − 4 where I, my kuya, and my mom and dad jog at the airport near our house in Jolo Sulu. He always carry me on his shoulders everytime.

Believe me when I tell you that I clearly remember everything! I still get butterflies just thinking about it. Especially when we go downhill, with me, still on his shoulders.

Nakakamiss ka mejia.


  1. Awww Paul!!! Hugs >:D< I'm sure your fasyowwwn dad was smiling the entire time reading this :)

  2. And you got us there! A really one-of-a-kind post. Love this one <3

  3. Ang jeproks ni erpat ah! :)) Namiss ko rin bigla dad ko.