Sunday, June 30, 2013


As you probably know my selfie Instagram addict friends, I along with my blog friends Ana and Tin were invited by Thysz to cover #StyleOrigin2013 at Harbor Point and at the same time, experience what the mall has to offer in Subic. Yes, there's a mall in Subic!

And that's where this car brought us to one fine Saturday morning...
Hi Ana and Thysz's back!
I'm not gonna talk much about the actual 2 (more or less?) hour drive from Manila other than it revolved around these phrase and words: bipolar car playlist, selfies, Mexico, uh-maaaaaazing <—as Thysz put it.

Arrived around 12:00 noon (5 minutes close to our ETA),

had a fine lunch at Friday's,

managed to execute this experiment using my Instax mini with Ana as my guinea pig,
That's my assistant Tin's hand.
and another one!
browsed and shopped at my favorite stores,
I got 2 pairs of Pedro shoes

and had a quick coffee break.
we had high expectations.
But wait, there's more (read it again with that infomercial guy's voice in mind)!

We managed to squeeze in an interview for Philstar with Don —naks!, outfit shots courtesy of Tin, the deafening (I can still hear the ear-splitting screams) yet awesome Style Origin show, and a hearty Korean dinner at Bulgogi which I was not able to photo document because I was too engaged in eating and taunting Thysz and his lovelife (sorry na, love you! more projects ha?).

To summarize, I had a great time! Who knew that I could literally spend an entire day at the mall (past closing time) and actually enjoy it? Only at Harbor Point. #honest

Will post the Style Origin show next. I still need to sort through and edit all those runway photos and hopefully, include a video as well. In the meantime, like Harbor Point on Facebook and follow @harborpointmall on Twitter and @iloveharborpoint on Instagram for more photos and coverage of #StyelOrigin2013!

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  1. Nakakatawa talaga yung instax chu chu!!! ;D Grabbing! :)
    More instax challenge posts for you bff!