Friday, June 28, 2013


It was exactly 6 days ago when I brought up the idea of including DIY posts on my blog to Ana on our way back to Manila from our Harbor Point Mall weekend adventure... which reminds me, I haven't blogged about it yet. Tsk, tsk…

I showed Ana where I got the inspiration and she said that it's not very The PR Guy to do DIY's. Maybe she thought that I won't be doing it myself and let others DIFM (Do It For Me) instead —playful thinking. But fresh from yesterday's inspiring Rexona #DoMore launch (Phil Younghusband and Bianca Gonzales are their new #DoMore ambassadors!), I realized, "heck, why not?" I've been multi-tasking my whole life. Might as well extend it to my blog as well. #DoMore as Rexona puts it.

So for my first DIY, let me teach you how to make a functional shoe ID using your Instax mini photos!
Milanos | Milanos | Wade | Wade | Salvatore Mann
Bensimon | Dr. Kong | Pedro | Pedro | Call It Spring
Ladies usually use Instax photos to tag and label their shoe boxes for easy identification of its contents but you probably already knew about that. This one is different.

This time, we will use the photos as shoe IDs.

What you need:

  • Permanent marker
  • Instax photos of your shoes

Note: Take a photo of your newly-bought shoes first before wearing them to give the photo a well, ahm… a "new" look. #lame
You can write any details you want like the brand, price, size (if you're dumb), and even the date you bought it if you're downright OC. You can also indicate if it was gifted by writing a discreet "G."

I prefer to write just the brand name and the price so that next Bloggers United, I have a guide as to how low I can go in selling it.

Once disposed, you can simply put an "x" on any corner of the photo. No need to throw the photo out! Keep it to remind yourself that
a.) you used to own this pair; and
b.) I'm still kicking myself for giving it up.

How about you? Ever tried something as wasteful useful as this to your Instax photos? Share!

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  1. Very good idea! Will try this :)

  2. :) cute nga bff!!! Naku siraan tayo sa kanya kanyang blog ha i look like a doubter / discourage-er bff here hahahaha ;D