Wednesday, June 12, 2013


1. Impact
   Noun - The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.
   Ex: When your iPhone 5 falls down your bathroom floor, you curse now that's impact.

2. Impactology
   Noun - The science of impact protection by Tech21.

Going back to the first item, don't you just hate it when that happens to your recently bought gadget? That's the reason why Tech21, being the only brand dedicated enough to turn protection into more than just a veneer, came up with item no.2 —Impactology.

Originally devised in response to increasing customer demand, Impactology was born through Tech21's passion to evolve with the ever-changing needs of its customers, who demand the best protection for their mobile electronic devices.

How Does It Work?
Impactology combines advanced technological and pioneering innovation to deliver a unique, new level of protection for mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

However, you don't need to be a mad scientist with a PhD to see exactly how effective it can be.
It's all about the molecules inside the revolutionary D30® Impact Material.

In everyday use, the molecules flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together - absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the surface of the material. That means your device stays in one piece, no matter how hard the impact!
To understand more what the D30® Impact Material is, watch this:

Only Impactology gives you this unique level of advanced protection. It's the culmination of years of research, development and testing so you'll know that when surrounded by one of Tech21's cases, your mobile device, tablet or laptop has the highest standard of impact protection available.
iPhone 5: Impact Maze Php1,250 | Impact Shell Php1,250 | Impact Band Php1,200 | Impact Snap w/ Cover Php1,450 | Special Ops Patrol Php2,200

iPad Mini: Impact Mesh Php1,250 | Impact Snap w/ Cover Php1,650 | Impact Folio Leather Php1,850

Samsung Galaxy S4: Impact Snap w/ Cover PHp1,450 | Impact Shell Php1,250 | Impact Snap Php950
Tech21 Impactology is available at the following:
Astroplus | Astrovision | Beyond the Box | Banana Telecom | Complink | DigiHub | Digital Arena | Digital Hub | Digital Walker | E-Central | Games and Gadgets | Graphic All In | iCon | iGig | iStore | iStudio | Microstation | Mobile 1 | R.O.X. | Senco Link | Switch | Technoholics | The Inbox Store | Vertex

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