Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you ever had your mom tell you to "wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident" at one point in your life?

I know it's sad to think that your own mother cares more about your underwear reputation rather than the possibility of you losing a leg or an arm but hey, maybe mom was thinking of a different kind of "accident" here (not the morbid ones of course!).

Maybe mom was thinking of you accidentally "exposing" yourself to everyone at the school assembly because you're too cool to wear a belt with your baggy pants or the risk of you being challenged to a night of "strip poker" when all you ever knew with cards was to build house with it.

Maybe Yamamay was thinking of the same things when they came up with their collection of underwear for men!

Why be embarrassed when you can turn life's little accidents (refer to mom's thoughts) fun with these cool and sometimes naughty underwear?
Believe me, I'd rather be called "The Big One" rather than be nicknamed "The Baconator."

Yamamay offers a wide range of underwear for men and women. I wouldn't say that that they're affordable but with the quality and material used for each undergarment, I must say that they're reasonably priced!

If "The Big One" is too ambitious for you, why not try "Playboy"?

Or "Batman" perhaps?
Boo... no Superman?
How about "comic book geek"?

Of course, there's a lot for the ladies to choose from with these displays occupying at least 80 − 85% of the store.

A good pair of underwear these days is not enough. Get a fun one! Who cares about people seeing it or not? What's important is that you know it's comfortably there and that you're happy with it.

Yamamay is located at 2/f Robinsons Magnolia andd 1/f Glorietta 2.

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  1. can't stop laughing reading this blog! hahaha! nice one Paul...