You know what I consider the best accessory in my outfit photos? Ray-Bans, of course. But you know what's even better? A clear and younger looking skin.

After a month of using the ISKIN New York skin care kit, I can finally show you the result!

I used to have bigger slightly obvious pores and my skin is always "tired" looking. I sometimes resort to using BB creams if the situation calls for it (shoots, events, etc) but it just doesn't go well with my combination skin resulting to blackheads and whiteheads eventually leading to pimples if you add stress to the equation. Of course, those minor skin situations can be treated with a regular facial visit at Flawless (shameless plug here) but it gets tiring at times especially if I feel that it's becoming more of a responsibility than otherwise. Of course it's our responsibility to take care of our skin (no one else will) but if you're me who tries to juggle practically everything that I see, you'll understand what I mean.

But all that changed when ISKIN New York was introduced to me. I knew the brand long before all the "formalities." I just couldn't bring myself to use the kit for fear of the "purging" process that comes with using new products on your skin. But we'll get right to that later.

Adding just 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 at night in using the ISKIN New York system lessened the amount of time I spend in photoshopping my photos especially skin imperfections (pimples, etc...) and it's all thanks to ISKIN New York.

The ISKIN New York kit contains the following:
1. ISKIN Deep Cleanser - contains unique blend of herbal extracts, aloe vera and other mild cleansing agents to deeply clean blocked pores. It provides gentle and effective cleansing.
2. ISKIN Balancing Toner - refresh, tone and hydrate the skin and at the same time, restores skin's normal pH balance with its unique blend of pure aloe vera and natural herbs.
3. ISKIN Radiance - leaves skin crystal clear and radiant.
4. ISKIN Skin Smoother - specially formulated lotion featuring Alpha Hydroxy Acids in a unique base, which helps smooth and tone rough or damaged skin.
5. ISKIN Ultimate Sunshield SPF 40 - protection against UVA and UVB radiation
6. ISKIN Renew - contains a skin lightening ingredient that helps minimize and lighten hyperpigmented areas, and freckles.
7. Cellular Repair Complex Forte 0.1%

Here's my morning skin care regimen,
In the morning; in this order: Deep Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Radiance, Skin Smoother and Ultimate Sunshield SPF 40
and my night --as prescribed by a Flawless' resident dermatologist. The whole system in using the products differ from one person to another depending on your skin and it's best if you have a consultation first since the product can't be bought without a prescription from a dermatologist.
At night; in this order: Deep Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Radiance, Renew mixed with Cellular Repair Complex Forte with 3/1 ratio
* The initial two weeks of using the products may or may not cause breakouts. If it happens, don't worry. It's just part of the "purging" process wherein you will experience a worsening in your skin condition (from smaller pimples to big ones et al) but it gets better. Think of it as cleansing from the inside out. Luckily, I only experienced a minor breakout which abruptly subsided with the continuous usage of the ISKIN kit and of course with the help of a Flawless facial.

What I think:
The ISKIN New York skin care kit is an investment at around Php17,000 and it will last for probably 3 months and even longer for the Deep Cleanser and Balancing Toner. You spend roughly around Php6,000 per month (if you include a regular facial). Too steep? I say invest on your skin. It's actually cheaper than saving up for a premature face lift.

ISKIN New York is exclusively distributed by Flawless. For more information, visit and follow Flawless Face and Body Clinic on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram!


  1. OMG! And I thought you were Zayn Malik at a glance! Lakas maka celeb look alike ang paggamit mo nang ISKIN huh! Hehehe.. (but seriously though I thought it was a photo of Zayn you posted.)


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