Friday, July 5, 2013


Do you agree that sometimes the best look that one can come up with are those that are unplanned? Take this case for example,

I was wearing a different set earlier that day and changed into an altogether different outfit just because I felt something's not comfortably right. Though not that amazing, I find it just right.
Uniqlo shirt | SUITEBLANCO chinos | Pedro loafers
Salvatore Mann bag | Swatch watch | SM Accessories belt
For lack of outfit photos for more than a week now, let me make it up to you guys by adding a shooting tip! Try shooting from a high angle for a change. Tried it and I kinda like the outcome.

Now a closer look,

Uniqlo shirt
SM Accessories belt | Swatch watch
Believe me, this is unplanned.
Pedro loafers
Since I'm all about sharing today, check out this Salvatore Mann bag I got a couple of weeks ago,

I'm all about style and functionality and this one just hit the balance between the two right on the spot.
worn as a backpack
or handheld
Ok, enough talk. How about you? Tried something different look/blog related things lately?

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  1. You're so cool! I love your bag too much!! Very nice looks!