Sunday, July 28, 2013


I'm itching to get my hands on GQ's August issue (it's not yet available at Fully Booked, or is it?) but I can't wait to share this surprising twist of sudden importance (it's unexpected, really) for the inhabitants of the bottom shelf of well... my bottoms, The cargo pants.

Third photo is a hair inspiration. The rest? Lookbook!

Just a few years ago, cargo pockets were synonymous with everything embarrassingly bad about American style. But in one of the most unexpected trends of the fall, designers have reimagined them, snatching them back from the bong-suckin' frat boys and sewing them onto jackets, shirts, pants, and beyond. Here, actor Douglas Booth takes the new utilitarian look out for a long weekend in the wild. (GQ)

Now where the hell are my cargo pants?!

I have a similar looking cargo pants from Lee. 
And this one from Uniqlo.
Photographs by Matthew Brookes
Complete story and brand details HERE.

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