Friday, July 26, 2013


I kinda saw this coming.

Everyone, meet Pinkbox's newest face, Verniece Enciso.
At 18 years old, Verniece Enciso is already a well-known and well-loved face in the local fashion blogging scene with her trademark girly and princessy looks. She already has over 25,600 followers on Instagram and an additional 9,220+ on Twitter!
Verniece has been using Pinkbox accessories ever since she could remember. True enough, her outfit posts would always feature her latest favorites from the brand. She masterfully mixes her looks with her favorite Pinkbox accessories —headbands, clips, necklaces, and bangles never fail to decorate her outfits.
If Pinkbox were a person, she would be none other than Verniece. The fresh, girly vibe and love for fun colors and prints are shared by both. She is the brand's muse and Brand Ambassador, a partnership that has been years in the making.

Hmm… a partnership just formed in my head for one of the brands I'm handling and Pinkbox! Of course, where there is Pinkbox, Verniece is gonna be involved. Here's hoping that it will push through.
L - R: Pinkbox CEO Nelly See, Verniece Enciso, Karrots Nazareno and Pinkbox Brand Manager Liz Lanuzo
This 2013, Pinkbox is proud to present new products and services that will cater to the new generation of fashionable young women. There's the mobile Kiddie Salon (designed by Heima) perfect for your little girl's birthday party featuring services like Hair Styling, Nail Art, and even Glitter Tattoo! For inquiries, simply email or call 722-4370 / 721-1445 to get a quote!

There's also the Li'l Belle Infant Line (prices begin at Php69.75 only) handmade with the softest materials to guarantee comfort for your baby and the Pinkbox Handmade Collection (prices begin at Php59.75 only) exclusively created in limited quantities featuring new collections out every week.

For more news and updates, follow Pinkbox!

You can also call 722-4370 / 721-1445 or email for any inquiries.

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