Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A good lady friend of mine once told me that if ever I'm gonna start investing on material things, go for watches ('coz I'm a guy). The next best thing? Bags. I thought "yeah, right. as if I'm Fashion Pulis."

The same friend (she's not the Bag Hag by the way but she owns a lot of luxury branded bags as if she were) also brought me to my first visit to a luxury store wherein instead of bags, the shoes caught my attention. But a thought occurred to me at that moment. If I'm gonna spend thousands upon thousands of pesos on something which I'm just gonna step on and abuse on the streets of Manila, I might as well go for bags.

BREE, I think, is a good brand to start with.

BREE is a German bag brand that is "always an idea ahead of the rest."

Motivated by their enthusiasm in impeccable classic designs with a twist, BREE boasts of Top Quality Workmanship,
High Quality Materials Crafted To German Standards
Functional, Imaginative, Modern,
Practical functions you need in stylish forms you'll love.
Outstanding Product Design,
Elegantly Designed and Perfect for Everyday Use (I got the larger version of this this Auckland)
Bags That Underline Personalities.
Casual Elegance with Highly Practical Details
And most importantly, Bree "Burn for Bags." They're very passionate with their creations.
Combining Classic Practicality with Modern Style
BREE is the closest thing to owning a luxury bag minus the hefty price tag. Made of the highest quality material & workmanship, BREE bags give outstandingly good value for your money! I'm actually eyeing a couple more to add to my BREE bag collection (yes, I'm building one) and the best part? Those that I liked range between Php3,000 to Php4,000 only!

Here are some photos from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of BREE, (the guy's beard is dope!)

(but the bags are more doper!)

Check out how I've worn my BREE Auckland three-ways HERE.

For more of BREE's latest collection, visit

BREE is located at the 4th Floor East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Like them on Facebook too!

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