Nothing memorable happened that day I wore this look so no side stories for you today.
HYPE on Lookbook
Instead, allow me to take this opportunity to address one #bloggerproblems which I'm sure you also encounter if you're a fellow blogger/lookbooker like me. How to name a look?

Naming a look can be quite tricky as opposed to finding one's porn name. For the latter, you just get your first pet's name and the street you grew up in and voila, you now have a career in the adult industry. In case you're wondering, mine's Arikomambo Lahi. Very exotic no?

Back to the topic!

How do I name my looks?

There's really no particular rule I follow because there isn't one but as much as possible, I try to veer away partly from the obvious. The reason why I did not name this particular look "Blue Camouflage" is because it would be stating the obvious. And besides, what the hell is a blue camouflage?

Here are my techniques

  • Pick one color from the look. The most dominant from the whole ensemble will do.
  • Don't mention any brands (though "Forever 21" would be nice if you're projecting youthfulness in a look and the clothes you're wearing we're from the brand itself —plus points!)
  • Rely on the mood, feeling, atmosphere, ambiance of the whole setup. Take inspiration from the (blue!) background too!
  • Mentioning prints can sometimes be too cliche. Exchange the print to something related to it. (camouflage = ammo)
  • But there can be lazy times. If inspiration won't kick in, just pick any words even those that are irrelevant. Like what I've said, there are no rules. It's your look after all.

Scars cap
But of course, there are some advantages of having a well thought name for a look:
  • It makes the look memorable
  • Easy to identify; no need for further explanations
  • Lastly, it gives depth. A simple pink lacy dress worn (and photo taken) on a sunny afternoon named "Sweet Disposition" beats "Pretty in Pink" by a quarter and a mile.
French Connection UK watch
What I'm wearing:
Zara pants | Nick Automatic shirt | Scars cap
Converse Jack Purcells | Uniqlo socks | FCUK watch
Zara belt | Ralph Lauren 1 perfume | Ray-Ban aviators

How about you? How do you name your looks? Do share. And just for fun, include your porn name too!


  1. Line from a song, inubos ko na song hits ko hahaha! :p


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