The grass is greener this time of the year. And I'm treading on it. I hope you are too.
HYPE on Lookbook
Way beyond awesome things have been happening left and right to me —both personally and professionally. There's the nomination, and then the nods of approval from formerly prospective clients. All this happened in just a period of one week! Can't help but grin like a mischievous elf in my green blazer.

Now you've probably seen me in a couple of events wearing the said blazer which leads me to a pressing blogging matter: Is it alright to repeat outfits? #bloggerproblems

Simon Cowell says yes.
It is alright to repeat outfits as long as you're a millionaire like I am. You're not, so die.
Archie (and the rest of the gang) approves too!

But we're not Simon (his brutally honest demeanor gets most of the attention anyway) and we're not an icon like Archie. If it's the whole outfit in question, then I guess the answer is no. Not unless if it's an expensive designer dress and you're Anna Wintour or our own Pauline Suaco-Juan then by all means, show it to the world however, whenever you want it.

But it can't be helped, people will still judge you (whoever you are) because they think they are entitled to especially if they see you in a handful of public events wearing the same thing over and over again.

But if it's just a piece of clothing, that's a totally different story. Let loose your inner creativity.

Wore the blazer on two notable occasions. One time at Philippine Fashion Week,

and the first time at a magazine sales convention (the theme was not that formal).

The trick is to wear it "differently." Different inner wear, pants, shoes, accessories, and even your hair! I'm thinking of wearing the blazer again this time with shorts and a tank top with flip-flops. Next summer maybe?

The look, in details:
Topman pants | Basic House button downs | SM Accessories tie | H.E. By Mango blazer
Pedro shoes | Topman socks | Esprit watch | Ray-Ban round metals
How about you? Tried anything different with your favorite denim jacket lately?


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