Thursday, August 22, 2013


Piece of advice. Don't open a Youtube tab and play The Vapors' only hit song while reading this. It's just a silly song (fun though) which has nothing to do with this post.
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Okay, maybe a little on the silly part.

Er, a little bit more. You can't be serious while you have the song playing in your head during this impromptu shoot at Little Tokyo. This happened right after my Kodanda experience with the girls.
Photos by Tracy Ayson
Lee jeans | Uniqlo collared shirt | Uniqlo jacket
Sperry topsiders | SM Accessories belt | David Beckham Instinct Sport | Ray-Ban Erika
But in all things seriously Japanese, I think I'm turning into one! Big fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his works. Appreciated The Wolverine even more having Japan as its backdrop. Green Tea Kit-Kats! Sushi, Sashimi, Japanese food in general. And the list goes on…

Now who's craving for some ramen and authentic mochi cream?

At the 5th Floor of Podium is where you can find probably the perfect tandem to sate your Japanese food cravings.

For starters (and the mains), there's the Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House.

Gyoza (5pcs), Php160 - thin and chewy dumpling stuffed with pork and vegetables.
Chashu Salad, Php200 - Grilled chashu served with greens drizzled with shoyu dressing.
Grilled Salmon Don, Php235 - grilled salmon fillet with Shitamachi's signature mentai sauce.
I had this. I'm giving it all my thumbs (including toes) up. Probably the best-tasting ramen I tried so far. Be sure to order this or any of their ramen when you visit Shitamachi 'coz they only serve a hundred bowls per day.
Tan Tan Men, Php305 - spicy ramen with homemade roasted sesame paste and spices, topped with spicy ground pork, bokchoy, leeks and tamago.

Mochi Cream is just several yards away from Shitamachi.

For Php95(?) apiece, a mochi cream (it's not mochi ICE cream by the way) will put the dot on your Japanese food cravings. I love myself so much so I had two. Actually I and the gang (Arnie, Tracy, Kelly, Ava & Gersh) each had two. Ganun namin kamahal ang mga sarili namin. Haha. Thanks Arnie for the invite and Allan for having us. 'til the next food session, yes?

Mochi Cream is also available in 2 pre-selected sets of authentic gourmet mochi cream flavors with that delightful creamy filling.
Gift Box - Half A, Php990
Cafe Au Lait | Green Tea | Mango | Black Sesame | White Chocolate | Chocolate Banana | Rum Raisin | Apple Pie | Black Soybean flour | Honey Cranberry | Peach Yoghurt | Sweet Potato

Gift Box - Half B, Php980
Raspberry Mille Feuille | Red Bean | Caramel Pudding | Houij Tea | Green Soybean | Caramel Macchiato | Orange Cheese | Red Sweet Potato | Darjeeling Tea | Sakura | Blueberry Yoghurt | Chocolate
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  1. Galing ng Little Tokyo pics! :)
    Isama mo pa sa list yabu! shet craving :p

    1. Sa ibang post ang Yabu. Kakahiya kay Shitamachi banggitin dito eh. Hehe.

  2. Salamat Papa P!!!!! Haha kulit ng outfit shots! Japan japan hahaha salamat uli for cominggg you da best hahaha