MY DAY ON INSTAGRAM - 08/28/2013

Yesterday was probably the most productive I'd ever been as a blogger, albeit tiring. But getting to spend it with my favorite blogger friends, who's complaining?

1st event of the day: #VelociTime launch at Aracama —probably the most practical watch to own. A watch comes with an extra pair of straps. Buy four more and it'll be like owning seven Veloci watches.
2nd event of the day: #Rexona #RunToTheBeat launch at Club Haze. Got me very excited for my second 10K this October. Not bringing my iPod (I forgot) during my first 10K almost killed me with boredom. This time, leaving it will never be an issue anymore (You'll know why on my Rexona Run 2013 post). Can't wait to "party" at the finish line. *cue in Neyo's Closer*
3rd event of the day: #BUBondingatSMMoA. Traded my boots for a pair of ice skating shoes for the first time. I did ok. Now where is Verniece when you needed her?

Final event of the day: Dinner at the newly opened #YabuPH, SM North The Block. The best way to end the day and at the same time rewarded myself for a job well done (not) at the ice skating rink earlier with a Yabu Katsu feast!
There was supposed to be a fifth (and really final) event that day but traffic was business as usual. I was really looking forward to it 'coz it's gonna be my first time to set foot inside The Mind Museum. Next time. Next time. Pag may time —s#et. Haha.

PS: Being the responsible business owner that I am (I pay my taxes you know), I made it a point to accomplish all my responsibilities for my agency first before stepping out of the house and go full on blogger mode. Of course, I was still working the whole time I was out —on mobile. Got my working groove back because of the Napoles news. Here's to more good news for us all!


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