Friday, August 16, 2013


This is a hamburger.
And it opens to this awesome goodness that is a Parachute bag!
(Definitely keeping this in the camo collection)

Parachute was created to channel the spirit of eco-friendly shopping.

Keeping busy customers in mind, Parachute bags are portable and stylish using eye-catching shapes and colors, featuring bold characters, strong prints, and lightweight material.

Each bag can be converted from one style to another!

Perfect for traveling, it looks like a pouch one moment; pop it into your luggage and when it's time to use, open it up and you've got an extra carry-on.

The brand offers different bag designs for all walks of life.

Designs for women include shopping totes, 'Mommy' bags, tissue pouches and cosmetics bags.

For children, it is mostly school-related, featuring deliciously shaped backpacks (e.g. Empanada or Hamburger which I have!) and pencil cases.

Men also have the option of using Parachute backpacks converted into messenger bags.

Parachute bags are very affordable in the following prices:
Messenger bags - Php1,000
Travel bags - Php700
Shopping Totes - Php300
Backpacks - Php200
Tissue pouches - Php100
Cosmetic bags - Php90
Pencil cases - Php80

Parachute was launched in November of last year, available at department stores and kiosks nationwide, including provinces like Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. It aims to engage a customer base that aspires to be chic and versatile. Two differing personalities rolled into one. That is Parachute's core.

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  1. Cool! Where in Cagayan de Oro is this available?