Saturday, August 17, 2013


I'm nominated under the Online Reporter category on's Virtual Style Awards! Help!

But first, let me thank the research team who tracked down all my "numbers." I know they're not by the millions but you guys made me feel RELEVANT. Very. Again, thank you.
Good choice with the photos too! Hehe.
I honestly don't know the people who nominated me in this category (I actually didn't know that there's even a contest!) and as my way of extending back my thanks to the effort of whoever did, lalaban tayo!

You see, I'm up against "institutions" in the industry. My 117 looks are not even a quarter of David's. Jenni's Twitter followers can easily snuff the life out of mine with an effortless breath. Ingrid is THE Bag Hag. And for the handful of times I appeared on print were not even a formal feature as a blogger compared to Ms. Dychiao. I'm up against the big ones but I'm gonna put up a good fight. I will try.

If you think I made an impact and delivered what being an Online Reporter is, you can vote for me here:

But first, you must register here:

You can vote for me up to 10 times in one sitting. Once you reach the maximum vote, you can resume the following day. Voting will run until September 15, 2013 (there's more time!).

Though the votes will comprise just a portion of the total criteria, your support will mean a lot to me. Big time! At least dun lumamang man lang.

Thank you and may God bless you even more!


  1. You have my vote Paul, keep it up and good luck!

  2. Count me in! Will work on this til you get it! :)