Saturday, September 7, 2013


Home fresh from my #MakatiStaycation with my blogger friends. Expect a proper blog for that soon.

I'm currently multi-tasking preparing for my Baguio trip with my high school friends that's why this is just gonna be a quick one!

So one of the girls I got to bond with last night (and my recent Instaxed! subject) at my "staycation" at Holiday Inn was Fashion Ate The World's Tin Iglesias. An opportunity like this, shouldn't be missed —take it from a blogger/Instax fanatic like me.

Now how do you give justice to the Instax photos of a multi-talented artist like Tin? Be artistic as well!

Yeah, letting her stand in front of a mirror with her back towards me is artistic in my vocabulary. Haha.

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Tin Iglesias of Fashion Ate The World
Instaxed! As inspired by RJ Roque

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