Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ok, I just got my groove back in updating the blog with my looks. My internal alarm system buzzed me that you might forget that I do fashion too. Haha.
HYPE on Lookbook
This one has been in the drafts bank for quite a while already so whatever stories associated with this look, I don't recall much of. Well, just partly.

But allow me to highlight yet another multi-functional bag which now belongs to my collection of well, ah, multi-functional bags. And speaking of bags, I think I won a luggage on the day I wore this look to a flight related store launch. There goes the memories rushing back to my head now… like a sudden gust of wind. Aha! Witty. Hoho.
Salvatore Mann two-way leather bag
The bag? It can be carried by its top handle and be worn as a regular backpack.

For the rest of the look,
Topman trousers | Team Manila collared shirt | Topman blazer
JTomas Collections shoes | SM Accessories belt | Tag Heuer watch
Lacoste Challenge Re/Fresh | Rayban FlashWayfarers
In other news: I always consult my dear friend, Google, in confirming if the phrase do exist coming up with names of my looks and during one of those not so rare moments when I clicked the magnifying glass button, I chanced upon this beautiful photo entitled 'A Sudden Gust Of Wind (after Hokusai)' by Jeff Wall. Ending this post with this pretty/sad photo. I hope you don't mind.

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  1. Buti hindi natanggal nung biglang humangin.. Joke! Hahaha :)) As always, pag editorial ang peg :)