Monday, September 30, 2013


See all those pencils on my shirt? I earned all of those from too much thinking. I'm what you call the "think tank" (in terms of concepts, gimmicks for the brand, etc, etc…) in the company.
HYPE on Lookbook
But did you know that too much thinking not only gets you pencils? You'll also get eyebags, thinning hair, occasional breakouts (and breakdowns too) among other things. Yep, experienced/survived all of those already. My advice? Try to strike a balance between too much thinking and not thinking at all —if that even makes sense.
Photos by Jeffrey Canaria
On a lighter note, I got a compliment from this guy working for Fully Booked on the day I wore this look. He was like "Sir, ang ganda ng Nick Automatic nyo ah!" and I was like, "Oh, salamat." Though the comment exchange was short, it somehow made my day.
Uniqlo jeans | Nick Automatic shirt
Wade loafers | Suiteblanco belt | SM Accessories watch | Ray-Ban frames
Have a great week ahead people!

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