Thursday, October 24, 2013


By this time, we all know who Dee Jae Pa'Este is. Now let's see what he had up his sleeves last month as he "did" SM North EDSA's Skydome. 

Commissioned to do the 'Art Sessions' for three different Sundays (September 15, 22 & 29), Dynamic Artist Dee Jae Pa'Este transformed the walls of SM North EDSA's Skydome with his magical hands (and spray cans!) into the awesome and colorful realm of birds, fishes and all things alive and beautiful from which he is known for.

The Skydome is now looking more lively as ever. Just in time for the holiday season! Have you seen SM North EDSA's big Christmas tree by the way?

Before I forget, I was able to have my photos taken with Dee Jae's latest masterpieces as my backgrounds. But not one to break my OC streak the chronological order of how I blog my looks (see Lookbook sidebar, there's still one before this!), perhaps a BTS will do?

Thanks Joy of Yehey! for these photos!

On a not so serious note,
played 'chicken tug of war' with Mr. French Chef here.
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  1. I envy this guy, such talent. I saw his works a month ago - amazing!