Wednesday, October 9, 2013


What was originally planned as activity no.1 became the last on my list yesterday. What happened you ask? Work happened! I was hell bent on getting my haircut first thing yesterday morning for me to start the day looking fresh and all set for that afternoon's, work aside, Thread 365 launch. And then work came calling… You should never say no to work (especially if you're the owner of the company).

To cap off my long but otherwise productive day, I managed to (still) squeeze in a little me time at the recently opened Folded & Hung | Famous Salon in Glorietta 5.

Let me take you to a tour inside the salon...
reception area
wash area

the Loo
Accommodating around 10 clients at a time, this is where the journey on the road to looking famous begins...

…right smack in the middle of the room shared by the salon's famous residents.

Of course, the iconic Famous wall (or wall of icons) which made a defining signature on Famous is ever present.

So this is me before, looking like a Moffatts twin...

and me after, looking fresh and famous like a Jonas brother. Lol. I had a haircut and a very relaxing hair and scalp treatment by the way.
with my G5 stylist, Pepz
Say hello to the nicest salon people I know,
(L-R) Hazel, Pepz, Lina, Jessa and An
Surprisingly, despite of the vice versa that happened, my day ended right. You should try switching your usual salon routine once in while and see the difference. Of course, better if it's at Famous Salon.

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Folded & Hung | Famous Salon is located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 5. Other branches are at Robinsons Ermita, Greenhills, and SM Pampanga.

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  1. Nice, you look younger with your new do. :D