Swedish headphone brand Coloud is now in the Philippines!

Designed to deliver dynamic sound experience with all the reliable and functional features you need to deliver your daily dose of music, Coloud is all fashionability, functionality, quality and affordability combined!

Let's do a little bit of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly here but since I can't find any negative thing about the Coloud headphones, let's use The Pop, The Knock and The Boom instead.

The Pop
Coloud headphones' bold colors and clean design makes it a strong fashion statement which sets it apart from the competition.

The Knock.
Knocking its way to your heart and the environment's, All Coloud products are phthalate and PVC free, and packed in 100 percent recyclable material.

The Boom.
Coloud headphones are affordable! The Pop is at Php895, The Knock at Php1,195 and The Boom is at Php1,495. The sound experience? Check out the caption of the photo below:
The Pop - for those who want quality listening experience minus the bulk, The Coloud Pop is for you. Its small and lightweight design makes it the perfect companion when you're on the go. Ergonomically designed earbuds deliver comfortable in-ear fit. It also comes with small, medium and large replacement caps making it easy to fit inside the ears no matter the size. The Pop eliminates any audio pollution around, allowing uninterrupted music listening.

The Knock - provides non-stop comfort while you listen to your favorite music. With comfortable ear foams that don't trap heat and moisture, these mid-sized and ultra lightweight headphones will definitely provide a pleasurable listening experience. The Knock promises to deliver clear and crisp sound quality.

The Boom - with its closed construction design, outside noise stays out. The Boom is a no-fuss, full pair made of minimal parts, meaning less weight on your head. Its durable and sturdy frame makes for easy-handling and a comfortable fit.
Coloud headphones also carry the brand's patented Tangle-Free System and Zound Lasso features which make them very easy to handle. Easy selection of music and answering calls is also a breeze with Coloud's mic and remote feature.

Coloud is available in the following stores: Beyond The Box | Bratpack | Buzz | Digital Hub | Digital Walker | Astrovision | Automatic Center | Electroworld | Avant | iCenter | iGig | iStore | iStudio | Mobile 1 | Power Hub | Technoholics | Urbanathletics


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